Friday, March 20, 2015

New York Raining (ft. Rita Ora)

Miles from home, my style has grown
Sick of getting played like a xylophone
My instrument is me with thousands of bones
Wilin', I just wanna zone
My mama knows
I need a chick to be kind of dope
Smile a lot, give a lot of dome
Only to me, spoil me with your bad ass
You were like royalty, baby catch that
See the rain is making me feel painless
This relationship is so dangerous
If they find out, what would they make of it
So I savor every kiss like it's ancient
You ain't missing a thing
With other niggas who sing
I need cash just to give you a ring
Love at first sight, but it was blocked by pain
So for you, I'll exceed the top 5 in the game

[Hook: Rita Ora]
Want you baby
In the city lights
I swear I hear you call my name (call my name)
There's nothing right
I'm stuck here while you're miles away (miles away)
New York Raining
New York Raining
It's too much my babe I need you
It's too much my babe I need you
I need you

Red wine and cheese before bed time
You and I fell in love is the headline
Instead of whining about what I've been finding
I stay silent and let you chime in
You want me to talk?
Fine then.
Someone broke your heart, let me find them
But I hate fights, and now I got stage fright
Until I'm at your place at the late night
You make me smile, stop doing that
A lot is on my mind when I rap, in fact
You are a lot, I guess I rap for you
Needless to say, the sex is magical
After you, chivalry I have to do
I love it when you catch an attitude
I wanna tease you just to laugh at you
So the make up sex can be a faster move, c'mon


When the rain falls down, the pain is all out
My brain, you call out my name and that's fame
I'm looking great but I still feel shame
For real, it's the game
I feel insane
But when I'm with you, my feelings change
I love you, I really hope you feel the same
You know what I am, you're holding my hand
No one else can, so I'm your man
You palm reads bliss, what are we miss?
You are are what I miss and we all need this
Love and affection is all we miss from the world
But with each other that's all we get
I wanna hear you out, talk to me, miss
I hardly wanna slip to awesomest kiss
Call me whenever, call me forever
As long as I can call us together
I love you


[Charles Hamilton piano outro]

Thanks to the lyric video for the lyrics
Welcome back Charles, SharCHasers missed you.

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