Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ms. Woo (Wet)

Dr. Carlisle.
When I crawl out my bed?

That's how I started the song off...

[Verse 1]
Dr. Carlisle.
When I crawl outta bed? All I thought about was killin' all of y'all.

North Coast got turbulent waves.
Heard it was SEGA.
But the don't even know me.
They love me?

It's the tower. I believe it.
Fred Astaire.
For real, though.

Is it because of the wet I SHARE...


[Continuation of Verse 1]
I'm the gothic Mr. Poppers.
Mr. Get It Poppin' By Your Locker.
I dissed him before, for reasons he ain't know.

*beat plays for remaining duration*

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