Friday, May 17, 2013

Toca Tuesdays Freestyle

[Tony Touch]
While I kick a little rhyme, talk a little shit
You know I don't quit
Camera's over there, but he should be right here
But I don't give a fuck man, I don't really care
With my man, yeah, I ain't trying to battle him
I'm hanging out in the club with Charles Hamilton
He's a motherfucking problem,
So get get on the motherfucking M-I-C, motherfucker stop em

[Charles Hamilton]
What I've been trying to do so eloquently
Is let you know know that ever since this century
Of...I don't know, Pick 1,2, or 3
I've always been the 1, what you gon do with me
So fluently or stupidly I speak my English
Hoping these cats would repeat it so...
You want to play or listen and stay
Either way, like Anthony Kiedis, give it away now
Or do what Flea does, be on the bass now
Either way, see my face, give me a great pound
Like what's up, you my favorite rapper
Blazing rappers the same way cats be blazing rappers
Or ripping rappers so they can blaze the backwoods
Am I Freeway or feeling free today
Either way, this is a free for me
Hotter than the day, May, what day is it B
A-B-C, D-E-F
You can't hear me cause basically I'm never left
Or I'm never wrong, so I'm never left back
Unless the setback is when I'm ever wrong
I remember when I was wrong 8th grade
Almost failed, didn't graduate, now hey
Everybody's giving me a pound, I'm hotter than gay suede
Call me C slay, slay everybody every day
I ain't even trying to lay back and watch motherfuckers lay in the grave
I'm sorry, one curse this whole verse
That's how you know this universe ain't cursed
Wow, because I'm trying to flow from y'all
So I guess I get my flow through y'all
So I guess I'm like Noah's Ark
There's only two of me, well there's only one of me, I'm so damn Charles
So focused, I'm not Raven
And I'm not playing, cause that's so me
I rap on beat, rap off D, and rap OD
So what you cats gonna know about me when I'm done
Pharmaceutical, Charles is beautiful, I'm charming as usual
Hard and beautiful is the beat
Damn this is like some farm hood or Sesame Street
I don't know, either way it's so PBS to me
Rap must be the destiny, either that or a cap of ecstasy
Coming off the cap like there's ecstasy in it
And you're high for a couple of minutes
Come on Touch, come on, get up in it
This cypher must be sent from the heavens above
Everybody love it, 11 and up
7 is  back, cause 7 is how you spell Chuck when you spell Charles
Y'all going all crazy, I just went yard
This is hard ball, so guess who's at bat
Tony Touch, might as well twist the cap back

[Tony Touch]
That's right, that's right, man y'all been served
You know the motherfucking pedigree, y'all know my word
I'm hanging out with my crew on Shade 45
Every day, all day, and you know we keep it live, word up
Charles Hamilton y'all, that's what the fuck I'm saying man

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ms. Woo (Wet)

Dr. Carlisle.
When I crawl out my bed?

That's how I started the song off...

[Verse 1]
Dr. Carlisle.
When I crawl outta bed? All I thought about was killin' all of y'all.

North Coast got turbulent waves.
Heard it was SEGA.
But the don't even know me.
They love me?

It's the tower. I believe it.
Fred Astaire.
For real, though.

Is it because of the wet I SHARE...


[Continuation of Verse 1]
I'm the gothic Mr. Poppers.
Mr. Get It Poppin' By Your Locker.
I dissed him before, for reasons he ain't know.

*beat plays for remaining duration*

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bounce RP 31808 (Sega Police)

Oh boy, turn it up some

[Verse 1]
So I'm back with a beat that makes no sense
I got no sense, but the flow's sick
If you know this broken shit
Then you know you've been attacked by the no sense twins
Me and the beat, still ain't got no sense
Oh shit, read it and weep
Imma bounce in the bounce, more bounce to the ounce
Bring em out cause they down for the count and I'm out
Got an issue with women, which one should I choose first?
The two flirts or the one with the blue purse
Two words: Sonic Orgy
No blue balls, you got it shawty
And I'm coasting, got em open
I'm an no kin, Bobby's throat is what I'm hoping for, oh shit
So much for me rapping with no sense

Just bounce to the biggy biggy bounce
The biggy biggy bounce
The biggy biggy bounce

Step out, show me what you all about
Pull your g- string down south, ow

[Verse 2]
And you're rocking with Hugh Hefner the Hedgehog
Got you girl working out her mouth, making her hedge hog
No beat, I ain't gotta make her head nod
To make her head nod, face full of eggnog
My bad, I'm bad like not good
I'm circumcised, I am not hood
But I got hood, starlight zone
Life's a bitch, I poke her and y'all might fall
I'm the motherfucking sun and y'all nice so...
Bye bye bitches, y'all in my zone
Cause I gotta zone on my own
If you wanna talk, you can all my phone
I don't wanna talk, I wanna run
Straight the tele, cause I wanna cum
All over these drums like....

It's Charles Hamilton

Just listen to me
Welcome to the LAMALAMP ZONE(x16)

Charles Hamilton, uptown
Just dancing, I see you Nate
Ah! This shit is stupid, whoo!

Welcome to the LAMALAMP ZONE(x8)

Just bounce to the biggy biggy bounce
The biggy biggy bounce
The biggy biggy bounce

Step out, show me what you all about
Pull your g- string down south, ow(x4)