Monday, March 25, 2013

Pretty Long Time (Forever)

My nigga Scricyl sent me the link to this song
I also found it on
I took that as a sign, ya know

It's even hotter, check!
Get it, check...the video, the...whatever

[Verse 1]
And as it so occurs, the asshole of spoken word
Has a rap flow that goes over the flaps of broken bird wings
I hope you heard the vocal spurt of pink
Crazy but the baby is the shade of a fucking labia
Getting late enough to be considered a rug
A pickup truck with sluts not giving a fuck
Driving around high as a cloud, a moving brothel
Screw with my gospel, shit will get as gruesome as hostile
Stupid imposters try to make a move and I got them
Checker game when disrespecting lame, move em with hops, duck!
Rotten ducks ain't sitting because I popped them
The alternative to Mario, word, I could hardly slow up
Guard me, I go up, and cross the Eddie Jones defender
Jones if her head instead of poetry for the dough, hey
I mean ya know, even the Pope needed dome
I just rather a bitch instead than grabbing the dick of a 3-year-old
Rappers for infants, I'm the CEO of even flow
Even my flow is a breathing demon
But even so I speak with no loathing and fear of Las Vegas
A heathen? No
I just keep the cold all heated, so
I'm like Central Air when my thoughts are in the air
Give me a stare like Medusa and you'll be here for the future
Unfortuntately 2012 will be funny as hell
Money sells and I'm a clock stuck at 7:38
Watch what's up, it's like heaven stuck with a dirty face
My jersey can't be erased
Number 3.14, poomtang
Throw that See and Say on, my whole crew bangs
Ain't nothing but a Sonic blue thang
I pop boxers, like poop stains
That was the most homophobic joke ever
So I hope God doesn't sever my throat better
I don't hate fags, I just don't understand them
Taking a poop ain't comfy, so why another man then
On a different page, bout to take my lady tanning
She's bronze like 3rd place, I'm going gold cause I can, shit
What up Silver, my nickname is central
My goons are emails cause I sent them
I'm a Gmail, peep the system
Sipping ether ginger ale
Run it back and you missed them
Suicides got you running back to get a Reggie Miller
And a bitches bush, Lil' Kim them
I stick out as plain awesome like Mather's 16
Whoever is ready's quarterback
Doesn't matter cause my accuracy is Madden '04
Ask, battling me you won't matter no more, rest
I'm ill enough to still grab on an old whores breast
Like 2% or non-fat, she won't pour a test
Or protest
But she has to go pour a glass of all her matter into a cold court, yes
Snacking on flesh is what I go for, so fuck a steak
I'm Cartoon Network, Cow and Chicken, I was slipping
Now I hope you cowards listen
Shawn mad cause he wish he was in Howard's position
But I'm his father much like I am to you
How am I tripping?
Laces in, I'm on can kick it
I'm horny bitches, don't cry no more, I'm living
Spinal cord is in position miss, I'm twisting it
Make you do a donut, on some Dilla shit
Sharp since a teen, I be on that gilla shit
Harder than me, you be on a Viagra pill and shit
And keep you dick away from me, I ain't dealing shit
Sunburn on my tip, your girl feeling it
She get a tan when it's in her hands, and it's in her lips
Conversation or something less innocent
I am forever she says, by the way I rev her off
Key in ignition, no Kelly, she better off
No jelly, no telly, she wet and soft
Want to send some buckshots, let them off
I'm in a tourbus thinking about metro cards
And the summons I got when I was jetting hawk
Over the turnstile, the judge better let me off
Like, "You're sexy Charles, your music really gets me off"
Just imagine a Hamilton battle
She bit her bottom lip before slamming the gavel
Niggas at the top land on the gravel
After you take an L because Hamilton matters
Gosh darn it

Then the beat come in blacking like this
So you know who had this verse
Much respect nigga, check
I'm gone

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