Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blogger Dashboard

[Verse 1]
First off, piff is not a pimp or a pusher, sibling
Where was y'all when my heart needed fixing
Some of y'all don't care if I'm still kicking
Heart still ticking
I might take a bus out to Bickerington, Ohio
Visit my other family, years without visiting them
I be in Harlem with my nicotine grin
Signing autographs with the little pink pen
I've always been shy and I didn't pretend
Spotlight comes on and I get at least 10 times more starlight than
The 10 to 15 minutes before the announcer announces to the scene
Big C, isn't it?
Big C, Giant H, the founder
Mr. Here, hike, first downer
The sloppy locker room for perfect record out of towners
Act like Bowser, casket of white flowers
Gotta take to it to an extra level
Niggas outside really think Jeff's the devil
The goon is a boss to y'all
In a physical strait jacket when I get off the wall
My private thoughts always stress the treble
My cup of tea, you can wet the nozzle
Of my little black kettle, with that direzzle
Take a breath and deck whoever chest
My chest on any level, doesn't hit my broken heart with a bezel
I'm hearing niggas out like Neville
I got more enemies than several
Mad niggas wish they could drive they pedals
They deserve medals
Then a little metal from the settle
Anything from the pull of gravity, yellow

Aw dammit

You know, yellow on a traffic light
That means be careful
So I had to stop for a second
That's all
That's why I had to stop the blog too, in case you were asking
I was writing so much and saying so much
You know regular conversation with people
If I put it on the blog y'all, you'd lose your mind
And be like, nah you playing
But, I don't know, I guess it depends on who reads what I write
You know what I mean?
And who really pays attention to what I write
A lot of people really don't be paying attention
Sometimes me too, ya know
It's probably best to stop paying attention
I don't know
I think I might've said everything to make everybody feel a little bit better

I log in so I read what's on my plate
Cause in my voice, I can swear you hear what I say
I write so I can hear with you
I write so I can hear with you
I write so I can hear with you
I write so I can hear with you

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