Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chex (Outro)

End of the Binge...
3, ya know?
We already know.
It's only time to grow....

Some of those that work forces..
are the same that burn crosses!
Starting from a "Z",
the new ZacK De La Rocha,
back to stay and say the facts straight and proper.
Considered a failure 'cause I won't give-in to a sailor.
Grinning impailed from a stick that ship sailed with.
Headed down..
Uhhn, Uhn,
Uhhn, Uhn.
Headed down the funnel like downtown in the tunnel.
Sound getting pummeled when I hit the ground.
Stay afloat like a parade everyday when I smoke.
That Mary J gives me seven days full of hope!
Bullet holes in the montra of the corparate establishments collapse when we have to get it back....
After this it's a wrap!
The Binge need to retire,
the friends see that it's fire,
so 10 feet is required to bury the never-dying lit match...
Turn Forest fire!
A Kit-Kat and a gat that make CJ retire,
can't play with me Mr. San Andreas!
Ya man can play but my hands are getting geriatric.
Charlie Lemieux, on the mic I score a scary hat trick!
Like no goalie.
The beat is saying "Go Homie, OD!"
Skate around like the safety owes me.
CHL. No Ice and no owner owns me!
Praise to Gaga, we suffered the same.
Love game lovely dame, they fucked us, it rained!
Had me feeling like a sucker, me and Biscuit, when I was stuck in the rain.
Me and Chauncey when discussing the lames.
Me and Zeus when discussing getting pluged in with chains!
Me and Puff was sitting when interupting the plain thoughts and crushing what isn't being diplayed!
In other words me an my dogs stay discussing change,
treasury, therapy.
Hera-clease, Hercules.
People ain't prepared for these.
Very glee.
Gay means happy.
Happy means undefined, depressed until they nab me.
Wake me up, tap me.
Shake me up and grab me.
A kinda Rucker player but I don't get cut from the majors.
Grater the Greatest when being lazy with my statements!
Divine is the 9 I spent my childhood saving.
Spent time with my childhood savings.
The hood I was a child in blew up when I made it!
Time for the....
Uhhn, Uhn,
Time to find the detonators.
Those that guess instead of saying they know
so I second guess they pages.
Writing on they digital scrolls.
DOOM, depending on the mood I can defend the whole room!
Laws of Physics, Long Division, all simplistic.
The hard description of a bong and piff.
Bong water be some Pinot Grigio.
Please don't feed me though,
I pray, but I believe in the flow of me!
Deep in the ovaries I begin to go to sleep.
Wake up a baby and I'm teething but don't notice me.
So deep in like, creeping with Rosa P!
Like Ms. Parks stay seated.
I will go to the B, A-C-K like Basic Lay!
Not mispronouncing basically.
I told her lady to stay, she wanted to make a way for niggas to front legally!!!
She got locked 'cause the laws wanna beef with me!
An outlaw until the laws are out of laws!
In the mouth of broads...
Until they can't shout no more!
I play the 4 with my words, that's what the Power's for!!!
Talk about what you see, I will gauge ya jaw!
Lightswitch on ya lips, that's for mouthing off!
Funny how my lil niggas is now a boss.
Flower soft,
baking soda sour soft!
I tower walls..
foul to 'cause a power loss in those who see me shower,
and they claim that those are our bars!
Not even by luck like Powerball!
Scratch the ticket, that's the ticket, now you loud and wrong.
Niggas dying for fame, I stay alive for the grain,
to go against it!
These Hoes un one....
I leave these hoes winded.
Pixar can't get harder than this!
Create images and 'cause little kids to lose they smartness!
All for the green up in the market.
PBS for the world, narcissistic.
Because my target isn't to get all up in the biz,
but to be called it.
Capital "I", witness this.
Writing on a yacht, call it penmanship!
Still comfy on the train, no hindrance.
Cold innocence.
I rap on some Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman shit!
No witnesses.
Gold-digging bitches won't get in the whip.
Me and my old niggas hit the road with a grin.
Modern day Animal House when I stand up and shout.
Privacy is a demon that stays getting handed down.
So I do what everyone does and just act clueless.
Knowing what it is I say "That's True?? SHIT!"
Black and Blue lipped from getting jabbed in the tooth.
Factor the bruises and my attitude is past being past due!
Nigga I'm tight like an expensive ass snare drum!
Hit the Hat and Pedal to the metal.
Yeah, one!
Skully or Fedora flow.
Playing Skelly with some gorgeous hoes,
or adorable girls I live doors away from.
The overtake and the undertow,
all you see(C) is H like a Hummer show.
H2 in the vicinity, wonderful!
My Porter humming to the beat 'cause she wanna flow.
I got her number like I'm cheeky when I visit.
All smiles, all the while I'm inside Piz-sist(Pissed)
Y'all get possessed, I give progress for you to PROGRESS!
Dying like FUCK DEATH!!!!

Charles Hamilton,
Binge 3.....

Lyrics by Jose Isla!

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