Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nin݃ol del Infierno (Hell Boys)

Better understand your kids before they go M.I.A….

Her father was a priest.. Mother was a maid..
Only child; they believed rubbers are the way.
Because of their religion her father felt she was a big mistake,
She was made when they fucked in 12th grade.
Since then her pops changed his life..
The dame he popped became his wife.
Mom was the classroom slut, pass two dutches and her high will make her think she’d have to fuck.
Her daughter admired that, ‘that’s what’s up’..
In her mind she wishes she could be catchin’ up
But daddy wasn’t having it - locked her in her room.
Attempted suicide once so he locked all the cabinets..
Mad as shit, but what could she do?
Praying life was a lie ‘cuz she was stuck with the truth.
Screaming out in her mirror, letting the demons out..
So she dreamed about sneaking out, laughing with the (hell boys)….

One night after watching comedy central commercial for girls gone wild
She plotted to get loose and be one of them girls gone wild.
The girl crawled out of her window with no clever ideas to explain her disappearance.
Before she left she took a look in the mirror..
Fixed her cleavage, powdered her lips..
Zipped her jeans and breezed it to the dark part of town where hearts’ll drown..
“Fuck love”.. See what her father started now?
She was forced to wear pink, in fact.. Her outfit was pink and black.
She was scared - Maybe them hell boys are gonna think it’s wack.
Scraped her knees when she hopped the fence, this bitch ain’t got no sense..
Maybe she does, but not common sense
Since her being common made the plot for this, she screams
“someone take me to the (hell boys)”…

They appeared.. Jumping from the trees.
Something made her cheese, she wanted to believe..
Cuz one of them resembled her pops..
He was glowing a lot.. His darkness had grimness of Pac.
She hated her father.. He was the only nigga to pop her precious vagina, still a minor.
But this guy had eyes of promise, she couldn’t help but believe that this guy was honest.
He walked closer.. Extended his hand, she couldn’t stand.
She felt so light headed.. Then it dawned on her - she was tripped.
Before she knew it, she was hit with a brick - she was tricked.
She woke up tied to a cross upside down. Surprised and lost, she spoke in tongues.
Cut his own wrist, bled in her mouth, made her suck her own tits..
Cut her throat, kissed her, and screamed “score one for the (hell boys)……

If they lose you, you lose them. Remember that… Charles Hamilton.”

Lyrics contributed by........GRAPHIK

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