Thursday, December 22, 2011

Commercial Break

Multiple Take Hamilton!
What's that, MTH?

(Verse 1)
Back to life,
Back to reality,
Back to back baskets, top draft in the Lottery!
Probably wack 'cause cats got my salary looking topless.
But past that, I'm back on top,
The worst team....
Got an investment in the prodigy!
The profit for a prophet does not make sense to me...
Poppin' is not to watch the Stock Market drop,
But I can cop saying cop and cop a squat on the probably!
Which probably means I only know what can be known.
But I hold close 'til my cold holds me with the chrome!
Blast on who's watching me 'cause I don't need an audience telling me that I ought to be pleasantly
happy with all the pleasantries given by the peasants who drink blood from beamed up thinking!
Ink in the pen and I’m beasting!
Beats on my head? No, beats on my mind!
Just me and the peace of mind my beats bring!
I can be the best but I bring my A-Game.
So merely saying I am a beast is a shame!
Playing games? Nah.
I lay game formats..
Stay in the lane of a doormat!
Who’s knockin’?
Albums are stocked so now who’s droppin’?
The new option,
Root for who’s floppin’!
The Dixie Chicks with 60 and some chips.
Then they won wild Grammy’s and quickly they was the shit,

Oh-Kay Baby,
Oh-Oh-Kay Baby,
Oh-Oh-Kay Baby,
What you want me to say?
Oh-Oh-Kay Baby,
Oh-Oh-Kay Baby,
What you want me to say?
I ain’t going anywhere, stay tuned!
After these messages we’ll be right…..

(Verse 2)
Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Back up on an early in the morning kind of yawn break!
All great!
All say I’m great all day!
Fall wait…
I don’t wanna drop, I wanna get dropped!
I’m the engineer, listen to the sick drop.
Pick rocks and lick dirt,
I’m sick, FIRST!
This verse is a pig in a skirt,
Niggas is hurt!
So greedy with the Indian percussion!
Really wasn’t nothing,
I get in so quit rushing!
Pick up a brick in Tetris,
Ya own lane, won’t go away!
Dope but no migrane.
So no Rogaine,
No propane,
No gas.
I won’t say what hoes say,
When I Jose’,
Canseco they whole box!
No stopping, I go past their soul when I get it in!
Find new divinity when I ain’t in they kitty so tell me,
Who’s listening?
Y’all can wear magnums, I wear Desert Eagles!
Better than deep , I aim for the head in the prequel!
Left for a week to see that so many people were so thirst for the sequel they went medieval!
We wrote murder, me and she, see it!
Angela Lansbury, I just spilled the secret.
Hands in the air berry, I bet I bang a Halle!
Hall on E, baby call on me!
C-eon Phelps, I’m a Charles gone freak!
Now Charles is all free, we all gone sleep,
6 feet past sleeping 6 feet deep!
Shit, please retweet I am the deepest in the streets!
And this instrumental is Red Bull for the retards.
All my niggas in D-yard, sleep hard.
But don’t beat another nigga and treat him like he a sweetheart,
Be a man! Beat a nigga with the free bars!
Not violent, don’t even promote it.
But if you gonna hurt him don’t drop the soap it,
No wiz!
And if he try to bite it kick him in the teeth if he bite the,

I probably should like, finish this verse……
Just guess, I’m blacking!
Charles Hamilton!
Niggas is gonna be mad at me if I finish this verse.
Lets Go…….

What you gonna do without that cozy little pillow called a label?
Cozy little pillow called a label..
Cozy little pillow called a label…
Everybody wanna know,
Everybody wanna know,
Everybody wanna know,
Everybody wanna know……………..

Lyrics Contributed by... JOSE ISLA JR!

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