Friday, October 14, 2011

Spinal Cords On Repeat

I know y'all been waiting in patience for oh so long
(here I am)
This is more than a beat with words, this is more than a song
(here I am)
You can't hold me back i'm a monster and i'm way too strong
(way too strong, way too strong)

Shouldn't even put a hook on this shit
fuck a hook i'm a fish and i'm looking for chips
that bail money like I just robbed money and just paled(?) money
and threw money on the fucking thid rail money
i'm the currency, hail money
i'm hungry, the food is stale but i'm real hungry
what the fuck I need to shower for
i'm on hour 4, plus 20 and i'm stuck at this cowards door
yes CO, we know, you gonna let us out in a second cos my mouth is so reckless
for now i'll show remorse; i'm sorry for what I said
next time i'm in the airport niggas is fucking dead
yeah, kill them with kindness then you surprise them
when they screening me tell them eat a penis b
then walk off, I mean hey, it ain't a bomb threat
the pink lavalamp ain't even drop the bomb yet
that's a whole bunch of fire-ass singles
so can it damn it; I make you perspire mad pringles
i'm sorry if this verse was too retarded for ya
but when's the last time I ever put out garbage for ya
am I janitor? you don't ever pay me to put out garbage
but garbage is in my way; so look out garbage
i'm only happy when it rains
if you happy for my pain I hope your daddy's sick with AIDS
and he made you swallow cum for lunch
and you get your AIDS test during Sunday brunch
and when it comes back positive
you got to go to church
and pray forgiveness for thinking about responding to this verse
and it's about to get worse, cos second verse is ada beec(?)
ima make your shit hurt, nigga disperse

I know y'all been waiting in patience for oh so long
(yeah, we gon' cut that, we gon' cut that hook short)
dig this though

How much harder can I go before you shut up
shut up, fuck up, like what up(?)
so what up, i'm a nerd from the gutter
my words are like butter, it deserves to be cut up
dissected, just so you can digest it
yes it's Charles, AKA Mr fuck up your cholesterol
I bet your own heart won't even get involved
you better farting for gas, let it off
I was born in the 216, rep the 212
so do you want shit
i bet the nigga that write for you don't really give a holy shit about your life
so nigga chew on this
niggas claim to be dogs and wolves
they bark is good, but they can't even walk the hood
well nigga, i'm Sonic the pitbull with a pink leash
and rabies, get a clue nigga, Jenkies(?)

And on that note, y'all already know what's about to happen
turn it up, and turn yourself down
Charles Hamilton

Lyrics by, Toby Woods.

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