Saturday, September 24, 2011

Miss Jarrett's Turtle Poster

Excuse me Amerie, Jenny Baker said I can't use her phone to make long distance calls so can I

[verse 1]
As it always starts, eye contact
Beautiful eyes are contacts, I'm wack
Thighs crack behind flat but I like that
Thinking of lust on your desk, consuculant sex
My pupils stuck on your breast..
Gave birth to my eyes, now they suck on ya chest
I must be upset, touching your dress with your babies
I have custody
I rap.. She has to fuck with me
My peace can make her touch her knees
Give her a puff of weed and I'll keep her up to speed
Every time a nigga turn around I be lookin' like damn..
She ain't gotta booty but it would look good in my hand..
Fam.. Damn..
I mean she has a man and a daughter
It breaks my heart to see whats on her hand, what he bought her
And I really am a family starter but I ain't a fan of these problems..

(you and me, you and me) x 5
Now we can do it for the love of a son, but..

[verse 2]
I left cats one day, the lust was too high
I would love to do I but she's too fine
Psychically touching through her spine
Tapping her turtle shell, cutting through the vines
Her conversations are deep and shallow.. She holds the gun
She is beneath the barrow, she is not easily hassled
Where's her degree in tassle?
Catch me sneaking up her grab room, gradually she'll go into her bathroom
Right? ..And if it isn't right guess what I really don't care
Middle of the night, guess what, I'm standing right there
Jenny Baker gave me a makeover, rest of Ohio I takeover
Favorite Polo, ah fuck it, thank you, go sir
But if I die will I see a finish line?
Fuck.. I'm going too deep into this rhyme
And she do be saying that nigga is fine
But that chicks like "that niggas mine"..

(you and me, you and me) x 5
Now we can do it for the love of a son, but..

Here she comes, there she goes..
Did I make her cum.. Does she know
That I do it..
Does she know.. That I do it..
I do it.. (x 3)

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