Monday, August 8, 2011

Wonderful Wondering

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(And I wonder, if you know, what it means...)
I do though...
Don't feel bad if you don't know, it takes me a minute to figure it out sometimes too...
Hey! (laughs)
Uhum... It's Charles Hamilton

This is going to be fun.
Take a picture H, I'm in the booth.

Yo... let's have some fun...


This is something that ya'll niggas been waiting on
Haters been hated on, critics get debated on.
Say it's wrong, but it's something you could say along too.
Eat a dick, get your hate on.
Charles Hamilton. Charles The Hamilton.
The solution's question. No problem answering...
Think about it.
Ya'll can't handle him.
Tall like not at the smallest candle sticks.
Either way, you got to crawl to answer him.
I'm the youngest in charge, so call me Anikin.
Around the same time, still I gotta groove back.
The same time these rap fellas got their cool back.
True fact, I'm too hot to be cool.
You not, so you got to be cool.
Nu-Hop's the true Hop, and he's who do not give two Pac's what threes do.


Thieves, whatever.
I've been trying to.. keep that... you know... out of space shit from going on when I'm in the booth.
What man?! Taking pictures of me in the booth and shit. (chuckles)
HO... naw deadass, I need a __ to H. I'm fucking hungry... (chuckles)
I might mess up the flow on this verse. I don't know. Were going to keep it anyway...


I treat this rap shit, Like I do my Blog. (I will expose you for what you are not)
Do or die, that's what Harlem taught me.
Look at this bag of swag that Harlem bought me.
If you cats get mad let's talk, I'm sure we can figure out why you fell off like Pauly Shore, B.
Charles of course is by far the hardest (?)
Call a coffin, get dressed in your best shit, after the test then next is your exit.
Blessed with the best gift, death can accept it.
Will I live for (forever)? Yes, so accept it.
Breath of the essence. The essence of excellence.
The excellence of execution. No confusion.
Accusing rappers for rap losing.
I'm all east with a little Pac like Saigon.
Now I got the news in, back to bruising.
Who's kid is this? Don't assume him.
Assume sin, being holy ain't amusing.
Atleast I'm real, I walk with jesus.
But I don't do just so ya'll can see it.
Turn around, have enough money for heaven to back round, and treat myself to a present, I just treat myself to the present.
Shit, I just beat myself to the present.
I'm about to see myself in a second.
God said "You need my help?"
I said "Forget it. You gave me the ability I need to just dead it."
God just smiled. Said "I hear you my nigga! Watch how I make the world fear you my nigga!"
It just sucks and it's really fucked up that you look at my success and say "God damn, he lucked up!"
But such is what feeds me energy.
You need me industry, believe me, it is me.
Recieve the entity, and see the mystery.
Please, get sick of me. You bleed the remedy.
The reason it is me? You bleed the enemy.
I'm everything that pumps your blood. Your heart is pink.
Right now you should start to think... "Damn, is there pink inside of me? Is he inside of me? I'm listening to him now. Could he be beside me?"
All you got to do is smoke weed, you'll find me.
Hey spirits! Feel free to guide me. Don't leave me blindly...
Why? Cause...
I really can't afford to be led by a chorus of dead, but I can bring it back with no chorus instead.
Can't afford to be led by a chorus of dead, but I bring it back with no chorus instead? (chuckles)


I don't know what it means...
I don't... honestly...
So, uhh... fuck this song.
Ladies and gentlemen... the ____ HO

haha... I'm out this fucking booth...

(Chorus) x4

And I wonder, if you know, what it means... what it means...
And I wonder, if you know, what it means... what it means...

And I wonder, if you know, what it means... to find your dreams come true.
Come true... Come true... Come true... Come true...

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