Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where Is Charles Hamilton?

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Can ya hear me?
I’m so proud of you, man.
Chris Rivera…
Chris Rivera made a site when I disappeared.
Sitting there one night, as he gives an ear to my large and hard banter
He logs on
Talks about, me and his thoughts of where I’ve gone.
__ in a climate of anti-Hamilton
His picture implicates, he’s saying “And I’m a Hamilton!”
From my screen, he looks like barely any trouble
When I tune into him, he’s there and getting into bigger trouble
Another two year old, iller than school
Or killing niggas in school
Grilling niggas in school
Young Hamilton, still a villain in school
Fuck how you upper class niggas feel when he’s bending the rules
He’s fucking my baby mama
My baby mama, is his surrogate mother
he stays eating, beating and not wearing a rubber
I don’t care, fuck her
bend her over and bust her
make her pussy suffer
wake her up and rukka her
shake her up, say you can’t get enough of her
and when you nut in her, cuddle with her
love the oven you nutted in, and rub her in the middle
Remember I’m a guy and fucking gave birth to you, aight?
So any Hamilton virtues are true
Before I went mainstream, I did commercials. It’s true...
Somehow I knew my purpose was blue
Couldn’t figure out if I should hurdle and cruise or smoke purple and sip brew to get to my destiny
As it turns out music is my destiny, a beautiful recipe
Take a deep breath and speak, I get it in like an STD
I got everyone scared to share breath with me
Condoms don’t even wanna have sex with me
Rihanna doesn’t even wanna flesh with me
Red specs on my… meat
Ha… Oprah would have a feast
I’m trying to make you laugh Chris
And raise you...
Me calling you a fan, must of played you
Only time I thank God, is when I found out he saved you
Then I blame me for when he raped you
Come here boy, let me embrace you
I got 94 hoes waiting to taste you
when you’re done, let me hear some new beats out of your stable
Then sit at the table. Let's have a meal man...

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