Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We Major Freestyle

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C'mon homie i made ya!

I'm in such a good place, I'm tryna chill with the blackin
I believe in what i am, cause im real with the passion
I'm on cinemax porn, and vivid video
Cause i get the digits just listening to the pretty motion
Of my minds river
The great plan is to make you say damn
You might stop the flow, but the water is clear
I guess I'm the one that you oughta revere
Part of the year was spent on accepting where I'm at
Other half convincing you to accept the fact
That my effort-less raps is how i can just step in the back
While you cats front, nothin less than that
Why ask what you cats want?
Karma's a bitch, i wonder where she get her ass from
Cause she got some shit with her
But i'm a sick nigga, can't wait to spit with her
Let's cypher baby, my life is wavy
And I'm hot, cause you microwaved me...
Charles Hamilton...

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