Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i got my headphones on.
im in the booth.
im where im comfortable.
ya dig?
so fuck everybody else, nigga.
im in my world,
im in my zone,
and i aint sorry about shit.
true story.
its charles hamilton.
*want me to apologize?

im sorry im the shit and you aint shit.
im sorry im great and you aint this.
Im sorry im nasty and you aint spit.
im sorry i killed your track and you aint spit.
im sorry i keep dropping that new age shit.
im sorry you stuck on that 2k shit.
im sorry you a bird on that blue jay shit.
while i be in toronto with a new age bitch.
im sorry that you lonely cuz your crew aint shit.
and they barely get money, so what do they get?
im sorry my lines something that you aint get.
but i do make sense fuck all that lupe shit.
my niggas pulling up in a blue-grey whip,
girls lose they grip when them dudes say shit.
i produce great hits to make them move they hips,
yo wife don't look better than my tuesday bitch.
*LL CH Im on that cool j shit… nigga

and im not sorry.
its human nature.
and im not sorry.
i aint no bitch don't try to shit on me…….

should i really give a fuck if my talent overwhelms you?
what can i tell you my talent overwhelms you.
i don't give a hell who finds out shit.
im dope. see y'all be on that winehouse shit.
and how about this you aint bout shit.
i outgrew you niggas so fuck your outfit.
you better than me? how prick.
i opened up for niggas and they aint been out since.
its the dennis the menace who's spittin lyrics to minutes,
so if you hear it i meant it,
shit'll be clear in a minute.
its my year can you dig it,
niggas revering is imminent.
this is a mirror for listeners,
look at what you made me. crazy.
the 08 shady, hate me.
im a coat hanger to you babies..
so if you don't believe that im nice..
go die somewhere like scott petersons wife.

and im not sorry.
its human nature.
and im not sorry.
i aint no bitch don't try to shit on me.

i can flush a fuckin toilet,
bang on a locker,
make it a beat,
and y'all niggas'll say that its proper.
but im a real artist, picasso nigga.
you aint got real beef, you a taco nigga.
your team is taco bell,
and those is nacho(not yo) niggas.
i bag bitches…
you just a costco nigga.
yo quiero problemo? gato nigga.
did you not know, you got flow?
not so nigga.
so fuck politicians tryna get rid of "nigga".
GA or GER you're still a nigga.
cant kill a nigga,
or keep a nigga down,
thats why cops wanna be a nigga down,
see a nigga frown, delete a nigga sound,
but i be speakin either, people,
we should keep a nigga around.
im barack obama, the next leader.
you more like hilary,
only in it cuz you used to fuck the ex leader.

*Sorry……its human nature.

and im not sorry.
i aint no bitch don't try to shit on me.

*im not sorry… its human nature x2

Lyrics contributed by the bro ---

Marc A. van Klooster

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