Monday, August 8, 2011


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[Verse 1]
Haven’t seen me, ‘cause I’m sick of getting’ looked at.
‘Cause every time my n1ggas see me, I just look wack.
I don’t wanna be like Noah if he looked back.
‘Cause I would turn to dust, and you can look that UP-uh.
I’m the "lame CH".
But I’m living past one-hundred and eighty-eight.
You can find me in the Genesis; I be the beginning of the end.
Finally, my living will begin.

I believe that I could be the pitcher of the tent.
That only youth and all of my believers can live in.
And; All of the celebrities and lawmakers?
Can suck my balls, like jawbreakers.
Ain’t nobody visit the man.
Y’all know where I live, and didn’t give me a hand.
I DECIDE who I show some love to.
I’m 5’7”, y’all got some growin’ up to do.

Everybody know what it is…
Everybody know what it is…
Everybody know what it is…
Everybody know what it is…

Open up your eyes and see.
Open up your eyes and see.
Open up your eyes and see.
Open up your eyes and see…

[Verse 2]
N1gga was plottin’ a sequel to “Awkward”.
If I do it, will I seem like a stalker?
Can’t nobody envision me as a pauper.
I’m an author. (Arthur); N1ggas is ash. (Ashe)
Been the nastiest, since tennis class.
In the past. Get a grasp of that.
Who said I never grabbed a gat?
Instead of a cabbage patch; Did I stash a pack?

Get cash, ‘cause I used to flip halves of crack;
Was I addicted to the high, or addicted to the buy?
Only Noah is the n1gga in the sky.
I flip keys, like S-T-E-V-I;
E, if you want to accept me as I TRY to bless you with di-VINE arresting of your MIND.
I’m in the hood, like Pepsi and a "slice";
Either two sodas, or I chew. SO WHAT.


[Verse 3]
They used to say I couldn’t focus in school, but;
I used to focus on the future too much.
I was about age 9 when I grew up.
12 years later, NOW I wanna screw up.
I’m on point, n1ggas like, “You coulda’ fooled us!”
Shouldna’ told me. Now I gotta OD.
Used to walk the Sahara and get cold feet.
Only stopping when I’m thirsty for a Sobe.

Too quick, I don’t wanna do sh1t.
Acres of blue piff. My n1gga, the true chick.
Take you to school, maybe get laid from some new b****.
If she doesn’t mind.
Baby, do you give?!
Truth is, y’all don’t KNOW what abuse is.
So face the music.
Do you see?!


*beat plays for remaining duration*

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