Saturday, August 13, 2011

Track 16

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Ayo you bitches out there yall love me like y'all love drake yet
Fuck outa here I could sing to check me out
....we all know this part from the real song lol
Hold up hold up
I ain't never saying goodbye since the day I said hi You would lay in my eyes
A goddess to be honest i say it to be surprised
Walking down the hallways corridors
I want more I know you got more in-store
I'm nice enough to get every source award from the source of award to be given to niggas who love the sport
I entered the sport not cuz of the sport
But becuz u were my only love to support my love matter fact my money love
Gotta do whatever the sport endorse but
I don't endorse but game so but this game being what this is I'ma be out side of this game so I fuck you thinkin fuck this game you is who I make love to so fuck this game fuck spittin game that one kiss was just enough I'm just saying
you my lioness I touch your mane one day we going to have cubs I ain't playing
N if it's justice for me laying in a grave then i don't know why the fuck I'm in a grave
Then I guess the next statement shouldn't come across as the grave to the gray wind
Don't let it kill you but I love you even to the day where i will no longer feel you
I am numb inside waiting for the day where you crying asking me to come inside
N I'm one one of a guy one wonderful one of a guy baby I'm one of the kind n I am not gonna lie even if when you want me to lie fuck I wanna survive but I know I gonna die even if I die inside I'll be your new born n let nar love be new warn love I'm sorry let our love be new warm love inside I could be another kind of drugs n I'm warning you I could be so potent no need for me to die I got your nose open you ain't even got to sniff it the smell of us having sex is significant n you my other baby let's just live a bit n the mic is getting taller than I but I am taller than the mike when I calling out the sky n as a matter of fact I can laugh at every last rap'n cat who has a tat your credibility but instead your feeling me who ever is instilled in me or who ever is still in me n instill in me with such bull shit witch could be considered killing me doesn't matter because you are in the will of me I swear girl what am I to do when I just can't take no more when these muthafuckas online can't hate no more when these muthafuckas on a skatenboard will skate away saying their bored when they hate away when the hear all of my songs I ain't make the board of bills knowingly or willingly but still you got to notice me when I kill this beat please
Cuz whats a man to do when he can't take no more what am I to do when my heart leads me to the door

Lyrics by ADE KEY!

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chrischaos said...

fuck you is what i would say to drake. jk