Thursday, August 25, 2011

Track 14

Oh my Goodness

I'm drunk and deadass High

Eminem's Verse can suck my Dick

Eminem can suck my dick for all I care

Harder than God nigga, Solved the problem of which I have to walk through Harlem to Rob
Nigga actin Like Charles Is in Gothic School, With me and my nigga cause I'm a problem to Solve
Muthafuck a Enigma, Bigger than em saying Nigga
Go Figure
Niggas had to get in to go and Get the Picture
Told niggas I don't even have to find my liquor
I might find the devil to be a chick, then Lick her
finding My dick to Stick her
niggas said, "Why'd you have to hide the Zipper"
I said why do I have to strip baby aren't you a stripper
Then she reminds me her ass was Dumb fat
Yea that Bum bum Bap, nigga one wrap
If I have to act as If my flow is not as hard as active, this Is gettin Dough
Then Imma have to Sit while sitting Low
Listen to these bastards spit, My flow
Get through the scene of a nigga, I'm dope
had to get a quick laugh off when I hope
anybody could add anything after Hope, Put a period before y'all Niggas call me and Asshole
Dead wrong I told you I am strong,
And Simone Porter Is still on my Schlong

First thing I did was have sex with tomorrow
Not at all in her Afro, No sorrow
Then I told Thelonious, since your so lonely kid
You can hop on my dick, bumping some Moany shit
I got head In hell from a little boy, Who told me I had a little
You found Out it was Darden, Muthafuckin Kindergarten
so many dicks In her mouth her Chin was Scared
and I dont know what to do next
I have sex with a Platex and Got blue neck
nigga said How much sex can you have In one night
I said a hanger in my Ass
not a hanger full of Coat hangers
Nigga I'm talkin about being a banger Is a slash
and I don't how much anger I could have
looking at Amy rose like baby you're a Laugh
and I'm hoping that maybe you would crash
and Spazz and I might die you might laugh
There you go with your hands near My ass
I close this shit out and you slammed it In my face
I apoligize slim look how I mashed
the game that I just Spazzed, Game over
The game they can get me a mufuckin Passion
There's A game with the Staff
So If I ever gave a fuck nigga, It aint because of that
You already know I'm here so Nigga you whack stop...

I told Jo and (b,m, p)yrtle no sex on the first date
then he raped me made me want to earthquake
Told the earth wait, I might Earth, Space
tell heaven he could suck my balls, with my birthmark being misplaced
b, I am tryna make the verse make history, well I just finished this race
looking at the junk like yea Just wait
tell everybody I live In the month of may

Suck my Dick
Hardest Mixtape Ever

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