Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Track 07

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So high up
I can barely see heaven x2
Fucking high...fucking high...
So high up
I can barely see heaven
So high up
I can barely see the clouds!
Fucking high....fucking high...

[Verse 1]
And i, turn you on like an on light...switch!
Only cause you on my...
If you wanna - add a certain word
Lemme know if your purse is absurd
So it can drop, with your dress
I can flash, up your skirt with words
I don't like to curve the words
But baby on the curb with the liquor
I meant to say curve but i can't
Curve my enthusi-asm
Such a musical bastard
You might have an Uzi-Gasm
Not an orgasm, cause it ain't a weapon
So what for, all you gotta ask
Make you touch the floor, but only with your ass
Your mind touch the ceiling
When i give you such a feeling...
Baby girl, no dutch but I'm ealing
Off the magnum, i gotta feel inside
Baby i feel wind inside!
I can begin inside!
My god, be real, i can live inside
Lick inside, kiss your thighs
Then go lower, get your eyes off of my, top of the dome
Because, what i got, is not cold
Far from google, baby far from brutal
I will, get so deep within your noodle
You gonna be thinkin about poodles
While i give you puddles...
And that's just the way i love it now cuddle
Far from a budget but what is the rubble
Why we gotta break up?
Matter fact, i just came, why i gotta wake up?
New day, okay, i don't need a tulay
Or a suitcase, baby you just gotta move in my way
Movin my direction, now sway
Left to right, my erection is now, hey!
Pretty high and now I'm steppin inside of your box
Like hey! hi to heaven
Now I'm going even higher than heaven
Steppin up like i am the breath, heaven sent
Ever since niggas said they was heaven sent
Now you got me on my toes, no breath was given
Just an extra decision, do i wanna be stuck with death? Or Living
Baby let's get to kissing...
And when we're done let's switch positions
Who are you girl? Now who am i to you
How about i do something fly to you?
Kinda stupid but, if i wanna live my life through you
I gotta do something pretty unpossible
Un...or In, So i got to go so in you can't stop the flow
Once i am important to your optical
I mean walls, but I'm lookin in your main walls
And i seen pink, so i got to go
I meant to say see but damn this drink
Has pretty much got me going!
I'm sippin' and not gonna throw up!
Cause I'm immature, not gonna grow up!
Throw up, had to say the same word twice
Like girl your purse is nice
Not tryna snatch it, even though I'm a bandit
I'm far from a faggot, you can't stand it
Cause most of the cash done went to your fashion
Classroom, your standin' in the stand-
Most of these cats in the industry beating
So I'm sick, here's an industry beating

So high up
I can barely see heaven x2
Fucking high...fucking high...
So high up
I can barely see heaven
So high up
I can barely see the clouds!
Fucking high....fucking high...

[Verse 2]
When it comes to dough, I'm similar
To the record sales of Thrilla'
If you don't believe you can holla at Jigga
Or Dilla, two references but dope pictcha'
You can go figua'
How my dough stack up in ya dough figuas
My dough don't stack up! My hoe don't back up!
Because if you gonna see me then Kodak my black
How these niggas takin' pictchas of my sacred scriptures
Baby naked, is ya!? Yet?
You can bet...
When I get inside, we havin music sex
My dick will be the drum stick...
And your kitten be the drum kit...
I will diggin it in something
Won't come out, we might get a Grammy
But if I'm psychic baby, we gotta Family!
And you callin up the family tree
And I'm crawlin up like...
High up, are you standing with me?
I'm pretty high up, no family tree
So i must be the man you will need
No climate if you standin with me
So high up, I'm saying high up
Yet again...
Now who's standing with me
I mean...damn this was a free!

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