Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Track 04

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CH talks: Last place in the world I thought I was goin end up, is Long Island mental hospital . All yall niggas who turn your back on me. Let me owe you a respond

A yo Frankie
Be Frank with me
All I ask of you
So thanks my G
He been straight up since the day we made beats
I don’t have to wake up and say
What you do to me?
Cant say the same thing about yall niggas
Dealing with yall foolery
Cause musically he’s a dude to me
If im sick then he got the

And I gotta be sure
So when I do my diddy bop in the door
Im not playing no games
Im hitting the booth with the most OD of FLAMES
And I could of found a different syllable to rhyme with it
But dammit im not coming of off my fitted
Im coming from the heart
This nigga is shape
He’s beat gotta part
And this is heart

Only once to brake my heart
You get only once to break my heart
don’t turn your back on me
don’t turn your back on me
don’t try to black on me
Cause you will get ignored

Miss Marshall
I can get impartial
But this heart of mine you climb emit
And I said emit
But I don’t want to be so stupid in it
Because un till my face a.k.a grill
Spills blood
I still feel love and get chills
When I look you in your eyes why?
Because your resemblance
Damn major significants
Feeling major with every kiss
But then I look at my other chick
Shit why did I just say it miss
Oo cause you remind me of her
You remind me why I love her
And she reminds me im in love with another

(and you’re the other another because this situation is udder)


Quick fuck you to niggas who turned your back
Going ahead of yall no turning back
So go head a burn a sack
If you talking about yall you might of earn a chat
But I aint even trying to chat with you assholes
I look like Sharmen? Naw
Dark skinned heart got finch
Whenever I saw a chick in a sharp dress
Saying give me 5 minutes
Ima get with chu
And give you the business
I said miss tried to make u my misses
Then I did some different shit
Calling myself a pimp
Now im a the victim of pimping
Lingering in my system
Still saying fuck niggas fuck bitches
cause yall only fuck with me because I have riches
Well …


Lyrics By --- Cam Smith
Thank the man...

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