Friday, August 5, 2011

Think About It

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[Verse 1]
So black, made another track
Said "Charles don't hit 'em with that futuristic crap"
Take niggas back to when you did get wild
I said "Damn Black, i was diggin this style"
Downloaded the beat and cracked a really big smile
Damn, this fatboy really get's down!
Guess i gotta rap like an idiot now
It's already established i got the prettiest sound
Grittiest sound, The city's my crown
The studio's thrown, American Gangsta with an A
Cause i don't hold the chrome
On my earthling shit, nowhere close to home
See a gangsta is, as a gangsta does
That's why i stay gettin' gangsta love
"Yo Charles, you blacked with that joint you put on Myspace"
That's wassup, this is CHuck, get outta my face...

I don't wanna party man, don't pick me up in the party van
Unless they blowin' that marley and, there's a big fuckin' bottle of bacardi then
I'll think about it, I don't wanna party man (x2)
I'll think about it (x2)

[Verse 2]
Blah blah verse two, first two bars
I don't wanna black on this verse too hard
If i did, it would be a canibus party track
Aka: A Garbage track, i don't want no parts of that
I got soul, ironic, cause I'm the heart of rap
Bret Hart of rap, bitches want my autograph
Stans want my autograph, on they starter cap
You a player coach, but where your starters at?
So smooth, get angry, get so rude
Winter time, so hot, summer time, soo cool
Fall back in the Spring hoes fallin in Autumn
They leave then i rake 'em, break 'em, and leave 'em
Shorty crazy, said she love SEMEN
Her momma sell COUCHES
And her daddy in the NAVY

If she got a phat ass, never got an empty glass
And the nigga she came with, drivin a S-Class
Think about it, Think about it
If you can hear Dee talkin' bout he run the streets
Said "Anybody want beef, I'm goin straight to the jeep"
If he has to announce it, he lying through his teeth
He cool with the bouncers, so why you wanna beef?
Think about it (x4)

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