Monday, August 8, 2011


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CHarles HAMilton "SunBathing"
(Verse 1)
Never rest until you're the best,
I rest in an arrested place..
Behind the bars of mindless stars,
I'm a far cry from hard.
Try bizarre!?!
Pilot a fire I light and now the light is charred.
Vitamins or Vicodin?
I try 'em all.
I still walk away Vic-Tor-Ious,
kid you're a genius. I spit,
but more reason to give an award to a seething beast-board or appeasing the people listening to the same kid,
brainless indeed....
Can't spit on beat but never misses a beat!
Can't mix a beat but EQ's the shit out of an instrument given,
get it???
So who goes in further?
To serve a purpose to the person's who hurt the person first..
Who could that be???
The picture's moving at me!
Losing all Rucker-like and tuck the mic inside my gut.
Puff the lie and spit truth until the very end!
Prepare me to sin,
situation looking hairy again.
I'm bare when I perform...
Nudity is usually the coolest I can be..
but skin breaking out plus the grins on the face and mouths of all the hating and powerless fakers make me awake and pout!!!
Stay, awake the doubt, cause a day can vouch for all the days I stay awake to vouch for everybody that can say they doubt.....
"Damn Charles, what's all the hating about?!?"
I think my logic speaks for itself...
Feed me a felts,
breathe in the future,
exhale something gross!
I wonder if something was the most?
Cause something got you niggas thinking I don't hold grudges!?!
I hold a grudge with the girl that hit me with her crutches!
Fucked her in eighth grade, as if it wasn't nothing.
Hugged her a week ago..
of course she still love it!
Kill her worst enemy because he took my place!
She gained weight but I still stay in high grade so...
We migrate to right now, where I lay.
The center of attention, again...

Over the sunrise, UNDER THE SUNSET!!
I raise my arms, CAUSE I AIN'T DONE YET!!!

(Verse 2)
I've seen it before, it bores me to not rebel..
Watch the shelf, I'm not on it, I copy wealth!
Give me liberty or I give you death!!
I listen to "whose who" less cause I proved next is so yesterday that all my old friends are like YES!!
You can bet I prove who is a vet.
I'm that bitch!!
Baddest chick in the game!
Call me a pussy,
it establishes what I claim!
Fattest hips when I hop.
Grab a nigga and drop him!
And that isn't no faggot shit so just stop it!
Rap is faggot-bashing and stabbing a bastard for acting as if his actions are badder than the master!!!
So why would I not improve in front of everyone?
Music is fun,
I abuse and punk everyone!
Hardy har, the Matt and Jeff in one man.
Had to step on a beat and unland...
I had fun being the man cause deep inside my plans demands a kingdom for me and my mans and them!
As you can see, this is Hamilton.
I've gotten so nice, I don't write..
I'm just freeing my hands again!!
It was written 'til the looseleaf was lost.
Now I Bruce Lee your Jet Li bars!
I rest in peace when I Tombstone your new home!
Live in your head???
Then live with being dead!!!
Get this,
I don't even wanna pray,
I run away!
Somewhere there's nothing, something just wanna play!
But I play hard, think hard, and write hard!
I stay hard, I stink hard, and life's hard!!!
Brain showers to cowards who will remain cowards and I stained flowers with my sustained power...
The same..
Clam chowder everyday and my on the clock couldn't curb the appetite of a rappers delight, so...
After last night's satellite flight I decided I would like to divide my life between being the nicest on the beat and being misunderstood...
Told you I'm the baddest bitch!
What bitch want it?!?
Sit under the hood and get a motor change!
You got a bike pedal mouth and I got a motor brain!
Go insane,
as if you don't know my name...

Over the sunrise, UNDER THE SUNSET!!
I raise my arms, CAUSE I AIN'T DONE YET!!!
I take you, take you, away from me!
I take you, take you, away from me!
Could I be, the opposite of..
What you should trust, and hold in regard?
Though I expose me, you still hold me!
I don't take advantage of you!
I don't take advantage of you!
I don't take advantage of YOUUuUUuU!!
I don't take advantage of YOUUUuuuu!!!

*Exits Booth*

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The Transmitter said...


I am officially mad as fuck that I didn't think to do Sunbathing.

I know that entire song like the back of my hand.

Josh Stokes said...

Lol, gotta be on your toes!