Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Starry Void

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(CH verse)
I got my rifle from the stars
'Bout to shoot my idol of the stars
If you ain't lovin' me I will tell you publicly you will get a snuff from me
from that big stub of me
Nigga I could light a door with my light four four 
Its not a game, though
You think I got no aim? woah
See I could blast you with a laser
Niggas thinkin' its flanger or phaser
Nigga it's not the sound that you listen to
Get a hit from this chair, you differentiate me from any of them other different dudes
'Cause I really don't fuck with them dudes
They only get high like they sniffin', fool
We on a different view

(Sampled Hook)

(H2 verse)
Protect the aliens from shooters that don't understand
Human nature doesn't require a gun in hand
I'm in a foreign land talkin' to the poorest man
Chillin' with the richest bitch, workin' for a dollar damn
This recession is a lesson for the spenders
A blessing in disguise and adressing of the genders
Doesn't matter the gender everybody is a winner
Of the lifestyle full of denial and tv dinners
Billy the kid with kid cuisines 
A life full of false hope, the mimic of dreams
Full of schemes that make you wanna scream
And when it ends you just sit behind the scenes
I wanna soar across the starry void
Gettin' dough every day but I'm unemployed
Killin' shows with a wig and a mask
And my flows will beat yo' ass

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