Monday, August 1, 2011

She Hate Me

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[Girl on his voicemail talking]

Now i guess since a nigga been rappin
Every female wanna know what's crackin
Something miraculous must of happened
Cause I'm like a stunt man, gettin so much action
Seems like ever since i split with the Jamaican
These bitches don't give a fuck if I'm taken
So i gotta take 'em, then i gotta break 'em
Then they get mad when they're heart starts breakin
It ain't my fault that you mad and you stepped wrong
You should of known that Ladybugs was stepped on
Watchu thought my mother was gonna become your stepmom
And HcHo and Nate would welcome you in with spread arms
All you do is call HcHo phone and i beat
So bitch leave HcHo alone
Unless of course you let HcHo bone
Then pass it to Nate, in case you don't know
Got cash for the Haze in case you gonna smoke
And a pink bong, just in case you don't roll
Now that the music is poppin shit
And nigga change, now i got Misogynist
Got love for a few, respect for less
The rest are Vampires, gotta protect my neck
For example, chick named Cassandra, Puerto Rican mama
Always gettin caught up in some drama
I beat last summer, it was hardly good
Now the bitch run around like she Hollywood
But she cool, just like Nilani, beat it at my Highschool
Same thing with Domi-nique
My childhood crush name Dori-ann
Put it only on the basement floor n shit
She did it so good i wasn't speakin English
Shorty got a reason to be conceited
And as for the girl on the voicemail
OH! How many stories can your boy tell
About, public parks, trains and stations
Leaving some really weird stains in places
You would never see unless you look in her eye
Look I'm guy, I'm definitely not an Angel
I done did it all and I'm not ashamed to
Say it out loud, so i got to name you
I don't kiss and tell, man i kiss and rap
And you know you gonna hear it if the shit was whack
Favorite color is Pink, but I'm quick to Black
So when i rip the track, you'd probably dig the crap

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