Tuesday, August 16, 2011


In My room I created a Species
A crazy lady who goes so Insane when she Beats me
no Way she can Skeet Skeet, cause she only mines
She been with alot of niggas but she can Only try,
to just forget about the shit that she knew, and Just love..
To bad I had to make It from scratch, Fucked Up
but what, the hell can you expect from the new Dexter,
Except the lab as my pad, mom and dad don't know where I'm at
Its a fact, that she could be my Dee Dee but then we'd be related,
a major mistake Is to date a lady that you created so I destroyed
her mold well I meant to say that I break It well that's present cause I broke It,
Now It s vacant, I underestimated her cells, Now she refuses to stay on the shelf
I guess she wanna play with herself, either that or she Regenerated her Cells
Melted and recreated herself,
She just


Re-animate re-animosity, hating the haters again
re-anticipate making them wait for It when It might never come
re-answer my Question, Do you think that romance can be destined
Infact here's a better one, Do you love me?
Don't say It fancy, I need to hear an answer, I'm getting re-antsy
Got me feeling like a re-retard, If we in the same class you would see me hard
when I walk to the Chalkboard, It ain't a cellphone
More like the tailbone Of a whale, Whoa!
Holy shit how did I end Up on this railroad
Its her Eyes, are they human?
hell no!
Soon as I made her I wanted to stay the hell home
In this Hell hole, up to my elbows, In her Melrose Place shopping spree bags
Tell her relax cause I just made a mean batch of you girl
She said Fuck Outta here I'm the prototype You cant...


[Make Yourself again] Repeats [Make Yourself again]

You know I'm already sure people are gon' say what they're gon' say
Their gon' laugh at me, they'll say I'm crazy, Their gon' say I'll never get you
I feel It, but you know what else I feel
I feel like, I feel like I work really hard, at being a really good person
And I deserve somebody like you
I mean...
Its not like I'm tryna like
I just feel like you are
I feel like I know you from somewhere
Whatever, We'll talk when we..
When we talk...

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