Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rachel's Place

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[Verse 1]
Slipped outta’ bed got a head like a brick,
Got a lot of Honesty Box messages that I gotta pick,
Which one of these sh1ts gonna bother my mind, I see I got about five.
Refresh the page, and now I got about nine.
How about I, just swallow my pride, and waddle outside.
Homicide not on my mind, but, tryin’ to find a tolerant mind.


Back with a ribcage, that means “in-person”.
Go ‘head laugh ‘till your hips hurtin’.
It’s certain, your legs are twistin', get jerkin’, feet don’t move, you’re standing, sit comfortable.
My eyes look “red“, I don’t want the “bull”.
Mad energy. Is ya’ feelin’ me?
So much for the thought of y’all killing me.
Y’all killing me, thinking y’all killing me.

Look at cha' girl like,
(Bring it on, mama!)
If she holla' back? Then she outta' that.
Her man hatin‘, tell him,
(Bring it on!)
But the n1gga love the song, so he gon’ sing along.

Y’all know what it is…
(Bring it on, mama!)
(Bring it on, bring it on, mama!)

(Bring it on, mama! Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on, mama!)

[Verse 2]
I’m ‘bout to black like Julia Styles, you won’t smile if you ain’t seen the movies in awhile.
Truly I get wild. You love when I bellow over with laughter, while shorty was f*cking Othello.
My fault. True Shakespearean.
Gave you a toothache, and a brainache tryin’ to use great experiences from me and me only, to try an OD on me homie.

Go deep!
Like the throat of most hoes that don’t sleep, because they wanna get to know me for some cold cheese.
‘Cause they know that I be cuffin’ like Cochese,
I “T.O.” these hoes, you can’t hold me!
So be. It.
Drinking Sobe ‘till the sound surrounds me like Dolby.
And I’m the ballin’ Adonis.
Quote Joey.

Dope speech.


[Verse 3]
Some cats can’t wait to hate, cause I be burnin’ sh1t down like Rachel’s Place.
So this song, you need to sing it, ‘cause other rappers is headed for a ?DEACON? ENGLISH!
Charles Hamilton. PLEASE believe it.
Ladies say my pipe game make them beLIEVE in Jesus!
As DEEP as he gets, he make ‘em say, “Oh!”.
I make ‘em say, “Yeah”, make ‘em straight know.
You make ‘em say, “No” with the way that you approach.
They say my way so dope, they could lay with the hope, they could take me from the lady that I love;
Maybe when I’m drugged.
Take me from above.


… And every time she walk in the bedroom with no clothes on, I be like…
(Bring it on, mama!)

Charles Hamilton…
… You don’t like it, n1gga,
(Bring it on!)

Break it down. Uh…
(Bring it on, mama! Bring it on, bring it on, mama!)

Little known pop culture fact.
Jaleel White, a.k.a. Steve Urkel, was the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog.


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