Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pretty Brown Eyes

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(verse one)
She got these pretty brown eyes
Whenever she smiles, it's pretty outside
I wanna get closer, hold her, get to know her
But she said she ain't really got time
So I look at her pics, look at her lips
Dreamin' that the day would come when I could get a kiss
See I know about her trials, I love her strength
And I know about her style, she loves some pink
We have so much in common, to be honest
Got the body of a goddess, but she modest
And so many guys have abused all trust
that the benefit of the doubt has been used all up
But I ain't gon' stop 'til I make her mine
Change the time, claim her and make her mine
See I could treat her better than she's ever been treated,
but she would never believe it.

(Sampled hook)

(verse two)
She got these pretty brown eyes
The body you could only hope to wrap in a gift
She got fat pretty lips, ass and some hips
And she don't care if you got cat and a whip
I wanna make her feel special when I touch her
Sex her like a lover, protect her like a brother
I ain't catch feelings over night
I felt this way since she had a retainer and an over bite
Hold it tight, I don't know if she's the prototype
But in this case I suppose you're right
See, I wish I could go back and preserve her smile
Even in old pics, she been hurt for a while
She said it was to hide her braces
But it looks like its to hide the pain I wish I could take it
Give it a try, I know there's a little bit of love living inside..

(Sampled Bridge)
Pretty Brown Eyes.. You know I see you
It's a disguse the way you treat me
Keep holding on to your thoughts of rejection
If you're with me you're secured
You keep telling me
That your time is always taken
But I keep seeing you out alone
Listen to love
Your heart is pounding with desire
Waiting to be unleashed

(Sampled Hook)

Lyrics. You already know.

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