Saturday, August 6, 2011

Morning After Days When I Black

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(CH's quick verse)
Before I hit the sack for the night
I'ma light another track like a sack of ice on a sattelite
Chill out and check the transmission
Deck ya man if ya mans dissin'
Fans trippin'
These never never land bitches can't get the dick
So they stand trippin' in the "I'm about to fuck ya man" position
And it isn't why I'm standin' in this position
I am the man when I'm spittin'
So please remove ya hands from my dick
I'm chillin
Shittin' on about half a billion
Of all the blogs all the sites all the feeling
catchers of hatred, next week I'll see about zero
Haters and I should have a pretty cool ego
But I am the man on this mic
In the land of you bitch ass niggas I'm a dike

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