Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lip Service

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I love the ladies, i hope they love me
Okay, what seems to be the problem with that?
But hope they just seems that i need to believe in
The power of hours, there's no ME in OUR
But you CH, and I'm CH
Check it, the best in ALL 50 states
No mutiny muting me
I see hate, but i blow it off usually
So it's you and me, miss whoever you are
I can say the right things to be setting you off
Have a one night stand then tell you that I'm never too far
All the while I'm caressing your bra
So am i trying to fuck? Or make a promise of us
Either way I'm sizing you up, no lies when i touch
You inside with what i provide for your mind
I could left the right side of your mind
Why would i try to deny it
I get a lot of attention, prolly in your girl sidekick
Cause she like it, we keep it private
Ask about me, she will tell you its QUIET!
It's my phrase, it's my shit
She don't mind when i say she on my dick
Cause when i hit, her legs might twitch
And we spend the rest of the night in my crib
Just talkin' bout random shit that she love
She thinks to herself "God damn, this kid must be bug"
She really dig me, i picture it
I just don't want another episode of
Lip Service...

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