Tuesday, August 2, 2011


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Charles Hamilton, Binge volume 3.. Bitch
1 2, 1 2
Here we go.. Here we go, here we go.
Little surprise for y'all later on.
Yo, yo.

(Main verse)
Nigga Primo had the sound of the city
I was a negro little nemo being around all the people who found me witty
Everyday I would dance
Shake hands with Berry Gordy like say and command
Shavin' my glands, back in the land where I was taylors man
And cousin.. I can't love it
Shakespearean but wait here he is makin' clear with hate makes serious thinkers and apes
Evolution is optional, you gotta grow
Colder than Nagano, nose hold a lotta snow
Only 'cause I'm my only obstacle shots get thrown where I roam
That way since a snotty nose
Double 3 like pippy, where my stockins go?
Watch it go, flow hot only 'cause his nostrils hold lots of snow
Was what I jotted dope? I know
Pamela Martha Focker when I sock her nose
My boxers show that I'm droppin' dough
Times 2, turn the o to a oo and I'm cocka
So proper, though
Not just any old crap.. I really don't rap, I spit biblical facts
If you been zonin' your whole life open your bibles to the book of joel
and tell me thats not my role
God I'm slow, gimme a track to race on
Pass the bacon, it's on
Laceratin' my palms
Have the rain in the storms
Ask for pain and you gone
Graduation was wrong
I had to escape from it all
Which sadly makes me (?????)
I was there in spirit though with a beer that was cold
Put on my gear and I go get dressed
I was dreamin' about tomorrow screamin' out in a sauna
Steamin' out all of the sorrow reason is able to doubt, so
Reason can I borrow?
Heathens in the garden only keep me safe from Harlem
Demons are my problems
I have 216
Who wanna wish they were me, ya not listening
In the midst I stay in the midst of mixing
The Jimmy Douglas of spittin' the sickest substance
Fix it up and kick you niggas some tough shit
Hit you up and dig a ditch
For your quick interruption of momented bliss
When wishin' nothin' but the worst
Bitch, this is nothin' but a verse
But my unheard thoughts can fuck you up and work ya oven up
That's either being a Mike Ike or being a tight dike
Either way, my life
The daybreaker all I do is spike night
Sorry V, but my heart is on my knees
B-I to the rocker
Those who met me are brave
Can't forget me If I paid you to forget me today
Ride around cold hearted gretzky in a way
But I got the sweetest shit I'm nestle in my ways
Stopped eating fast food 'cause I'm not dumb
Relapsed and copped some 'cause I got dumb
I shouldn't shit
You effin' niggas is full of shit
That's word to my temples y'all are good at it
Sacrifises my vices on a wooden brick
I'm pushin' dope music, these niggas pushin' dick
In and out of your ears like "it couldn't fit!"
Everyones a female they screamin' "put it in!"
But no class or gender has my agenda
So I just sit back and be myself
I wasn't casted in the pretender
Packin' in my winter clothes, the same trunk as the lame junk
Summer clothes don't wanna go so they stay funked up
Like my roommate was George Clinton
Making more dinner out of faith and door sinners
The whore is a winner
Gorgeous but her course is a written
Focus, cool, support this here written
Wars in the middle of the core, the big apple is warm with it
I sit back like a chick that has to urinate
Absurd like guys spittin' sperm in your face
Now that's a permanent 8..

Charles Hamilton
Binge volume 3, bitch.
Last mixtape.. (dead ass)
Stack it. (from the top)

Lyrics By the one and only GR4PH1K

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