Friday, August 5, 2011

In Case I End Up Alone

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(CH verse one)
As I awake from a night of hibernation
I try to find the state of mind to place the words to describe my greatness
Self depreciation is helping me to be patient
I fell asleep in the arms of this generation
Rock-a-by baby, I guess
Not surprised that lately the hate for me has played me in a game of chess
Thanks for saying you hate me, I'm blessed
Blessed the haters and hatred goes to those who know whats next
Thinkin' backwards, acratic when I'm rappin'
A pastor bashin' morals
Half of that was oral
The other half was trappin' my activities in a portal
Sendin' it to listeners wishin' to do the same
Leave what you know is right and love what you wanna leave
Confused? So are my sheets askin' why I left..
So I fall back to sleep
Only to rise when the world asks for me

(Sampled Hook)

(Charles verse two)
I finally wake up and light my inscents
The instant I do I swim in the pool of pro tools
Channelin' my energy like network seances
I pray on this
My praise who comes along and says I'm wrong for this
I say what I say and I belong in a song
So I vent
A kiss from time to remind me who I am
"Why me?" says the microphone
But it knows it deserves my verbal persecution
The digiwack is used to the perfect music
My lonliness is the fuel for the soulful shit I produce
When I focus and I make use of my OD gift
So we sit me and my inscents drift itself
Flippin' shit and givin' it new health
It helps
He says I'm right in front of you like a space bar
Such news I had to take hard..

(Sampled Hook)

(Charles verse three)
What gets through this wave through pictures and a grave
Finish him I hear the voice say
This is mortal contact
When the portal is open
No need to combat the forces 'cause the source is focused
I know
Poets only give me credit when they hear the product
But here in my life, I don't be hearin' em right
I take everything as an insult
Add insult to injury all those thoughts are in this song
What makes it worse is that I understand it more than you
But I'm a quarter for you, what more to do
I love my talent but a crowd is what I need
To applaud loud and tell me they need it
So do you need it?..
..Charles Hamilton.

(CH leaves booth)

(Sampled hook/outro)

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