Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Must Be Beautiful

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First of all, my daughter is two years old.
So ya'll niggas is just wack and stupid.
Baby girl, whenever your sad just say this...


I must be beautiful. Fuckin beautiful.
Back to the fuckin usual...
I must be lovely, you obviously love me.
God truly fucks with me.
She's keeping me alive, even though I feel passion passing over me.
If I catch it, my last is all you'll see.
Cast oil on my back, as I bleed.
Spit so much fire, I get called a lighter.
Running so fast, when coal flicks a lighter, both women fire can't hold in desire.
Feenin' for another day, dreaming as I tuck away my lenient dreams for other days.
Another day passed, I'm still a speed pusher, like I sell coke.
But I'm a weed cooker.
I just found out my daughter is a stripper.
Keep a razor blade and slaughter the tipper.
I might smash my daughter, give her all of what's in my zipper
Grab her behind it.
I'm rather excited.
Grab on my wifes tits to smash for the night on some "I'm going to act as a certain white guy who raps" type shit.
She might like it.
We might have kids, on some wack shit.
Atleast I know I'll be a dad.
But baby girl, you know my cynical ways...
I gave birth to you. You get it, okay?
I see too much of me in you, to be in you.
But if it's what I need to do, can I creep with you?
I'm daddy baby, I can sleep with you.
I just feel like I'm cheating you, out of both...


Womanhood and childhood. Two precious things you can never get back.
Womenhood and childhood. Leave it to a man, to try and fix things back.
When you misunderstood, listen to your heart like a book.
I wouldn't want to give you my childhood, so I wish you a perfect childhood.


I was raped by God.
Hence, poor decision making.
Piss poor, living in a basement.
Sixth floor, different situation.
Any doors, wishing for a way out.
Late night, niggas tipping for a way in.
Predisposed to exploitation.
My daughter wants me to be her boyfriend.
Deep voices, screaming cause she's voiceless.
She puts clothes on, puts her robe on.
Then a beat plays, she get her pole on.
And I'm so gone. I mean, so torn.
I want to say go home, but she knows wrong from right.
She writes to songs, but no one's comes along and fights for baby girl's rights.
Fuck it babe, let's do it all night.
Daddy gon' be your daddy, ooh them walls tight.
A star bright, mars is getting tight. Stars are getting tight. Shit, ya'll are getting tight.
Raising my daughter by being her lover.
Instead of being more of her encyclopedia brother.
And we don't need a rubber, true fam.
She got brothers, plus I'm a true man.
I don't need her youth, damn.
I grasp her two hands, and proceed to dance into new lands.
I will never leave her side.
A. when she cries lakes, lies awake, lies to my face, makes her thighs vibrate or let's her vocal cords vibrate.
I am a fuckin guy, and don't fucking ask why...

(Many thanks to Adam Brown and TheRedShinobi for helping fill in some of the blanks!)


The Red Shinobi said...

Womanhood and childhood. Two precious things, you can never get back*

Conner Harrington said...

Thanks! Really appreciate the support. The lyrics are fixed...

The Transmitter said...

Someone got to THIS song already too!?


*starts typing QUADRUPLE time*