Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hot Like The Blog

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(CH Talking/Intro)
Yeah, yeah!
Charles Hamilton!
(Jockin' CH, Jockin' CH)
Charles Hamilton..
Ya know!

(CH verse one)
I think I got the world so mad
the reason why good girls go bad
But hey what can I say
Not my fault they just discovered my name
I'm C to the H-A to the R-L to the E-S, yes, consider me the best
I got the kinda things you would dream about
Even now since I got the words you wish you could be speakin' out
My homie TuFli, I am way cool
Not afraid to break rules, baby girl break news
Then they say I'm bittersweet like grapefruits
Just get some swisher sweets and I'm a great dude
You wanna dig it right? Then baby hop in
I ain't gotta liscense lets get it poppin'
we high so we anywhere we wanna be
Only think cool is you in front of me 'cause I'm..

(sampled hook)

(CH verse two)
This bounce tells me that I'm the man now
Do what I can now
You understand now?
You wanna stand out?
You better stand down
I get attention in any city I land now
But I'm Harlem so I learned how to stand ground
That's why these haters wanna stand where I stand now
And the fans take ya pictures in they iphone
"He ain't that popular" ...I know
Who gives a damn what a hater gotta say
But haters got a way to kinda make ya tolerate 'em for about a day
So I gotta lotta ups and downs
But you know that I don't fuck around
I do what I want
Can't no one say that what I do when I want
That there's no one way
Ha, you gotta love it
I am too wavey
These water boys try to Bobby Bushe' me, I'm

(Sampled hook)

(CH verse three)
I ain't gotta say it, you know what it is
And to think.. Couldn't get any more sober than this
If it's the dro that I hit or mo' that I sip
I would be flowin some shit to have you throwin' a fit
I swear man, I'm dancin' while I'm writin'
I can't dance but damn this is exciting
They gon' love it when it drops
And everybody gonna say it's hot
And I ain't gotta reason to stop
If you want me to sorry I'm not
I ain't even going hard I jot
I only got hard when I'm writing in my blog, so..
Please bring it back
Charles bring that back
Yeah please bring it back
Charles Bring that back
Please bring it back
Charles bring that back
Yeah please bring it back
Charles Bring that back

(Sampled hook)

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