Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He Grabs Her And Runs Into The Isle Of Sheet Music

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I Trust with a Click
What kind of trust is this?
What kind of distance is us
How must I be pissed
Another aisle
Another thought
Another dial
Another talk
Em I clean? To many questions
How bout you sport
What you already been thought
Is this another fight you already fought?
If so, have you lost what you grabbed?
And then…
Alright she said to be quiet
Something’s I need to keep in private

We lost and Found
What we need n what we have
And we hope to believe in the things we can grab
And we know
And yes
The same dilemma

But im faster
So I listen to it
As if it ask her
And then it gets chase by her casper
Everything after proceeds laughter
So who concedes it
You could read it
If you see it
But you can believe it once you beat it
Act one over
Act two sober
But I act to sober
So I act loose
They call me a golfer
But the information might be a little lower or higher
Depending on how much low you can go with the high frequency
Come on high high speak with me
I get so deep and I got to believe
So watch my feet as a stomp all over these kicks in the beat


She says hold on
There’s a angel coming
There’s a stranger from a angels position coming
You’ve been listening so dangerous to your own music
That it is..
Kinda painful to see your stomach
But you wanna go
So you want your fro back
No throwback jerseys
Get comfortable
And what you can see when you wanna float
A vision
Im asking is it a vision?
Or is it in this damn book ive been missing
Running and getting hit by this fucking robots
All switching there positions
But I know you listen
So listen


Its all about the music
(leaves the booth)

Lyrics contributed by - Cam Smith

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