Thursday, August 4, 2011

Get Wild

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[Charles Verse Only]
Zooted' in the party drinkin big ol' cups
Droolin over shawty with the big ol' butt
Hopin that the shawty is s big ol' smutt
So i can take her home and get a big ol' nut
Knowin that this nigga gonna get thrown up
I sip mo' cups, then i get close up
Hi my name is Charles Hamilton and I am important
You're about as important as the story of Norbit
Daze in a haze baby I'm in an orbit
I got a bright smile and i don't use orbit
Travel out the world and i don't use orbits
How many times you think i can use orbit in a sentence?
Dammit I'm demented
Pink wearin beat tearin menace is back with a vengeance
So dig this, gott'em runnin off the block
My freestyles got Brittney Spears coming off the top

So get Wi-i-ild!
Just lose your mind
Don't stand there, nah baby move your spine
And get Wi-i-ild
Let yo ass go, what the hell you think you gotta ass fo'?(x2)

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