Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best Blogger Alive (Shadow's Lullaby)

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Shadow the Hamilton

Sometimes I have to go back and Forth just so I can stand still
Feel me

I write down my thoughts so hopefully you wont get lost by my lyrical hip toss
I ain't even body slammin, I'm just tryna Show y'all I be damnin those who deserves Damning
Damage Is all I'm gonna bring, can It be the new form of amnesty, Can It please
You don't Even want war, I don't want more than I deserve, and I deserve It all
I gave my life just to live, For you, to enjoy I wont ignore you
I'll listen until you push me to the point that I got to explore new
Ways that I can bring pain, to these names
I'm Undisputed like Ving Rhames, And I don't do such bling things, Ugh whatever
Niggas get It

Best Blogger Alive!!!
Best Blogger Alive!!!
Best Blogger Alive!!!

You want the truth, Charles Hamilton dot, blogspot Dot com that's the spot
I say what I mean and I feel what I say
So I mean That I'm real when I say what I say
Lay In my grave, Come back, I was just napping
Upset at these Kids, fuck napping
Imma stay awake as long as I can
As strong As I am, that's why nobody wanna do a song with your man
I ain't mad, I ain't pissed I am glad that this Is the shit that I been presented with
Bring It to the table all your lies and your fables and catch a rock to your head like able
So fuck moving the Caine, Ain't nobody moving my name
Charles Hamilton
I rock, A new Pink Republican, That's why I don't move It with Cane, McCain...Whatever...

Best Blogger Alive!!!
Best Blogger Alive!!!
Best Blogger Alive!!!

If you don't feel me, Then your dumb
How come I can make four runs In a day
Meaning a fucking way to move a sample, You dudes cant handle, that...
Damn that's whack, Everything I do man, Stand right back
Cause I left you a few bars ago, You knew the Scars and flows that I come with
ain't no Dumb shit, any loop or drum kick, I can make some Dumb shit dumb quick
You are now numb with that pink knowledge that I bring and I don't need College
But I went to Sullivan aka you aren't free College, That's how I show you that you aren't me
I'm too smart b
That's how I live

Best Battler Alive
Blogger, sorry
Best Blogger Alive

Charles Hamilton

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