Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beat Abuse

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[Main Verse]
Kyana you a slut, half a bar
Now you can consider your ass a star
So fuck ever tryna come after charles
Cause i smashed you hard and should of passed you off
I was talkin' to the beat, the broad got half a bar
I'm crazy, no Adderall, call it a line drive
Grab my ball before i make you run home like you passed the wall
Maybe i should dumb it down, fuck outta here
I'm the devil and i don't touch Prada Wear
You gotta stare, did i just say i was the devil?
Then why does it sound like I'm God in here
I'm both, that makes me human
But I'm better than you so that makes me ruthless
Like no baby, that makes me cupid
With no aim, that makes me stupid
Mr.Hamilton you're such a bloody prick
Suck a dick like half the hoes on my buddy list
I don't even know who's on my buddy list
Except Amy Rose, she got her own buddy lit
No buddy's everybody' changing
That all angry, everybody' dangerous
But i learned that silence is a great weapon
That's why i don't put shit on my away message
If you type, then you guilt to your sin
If you real, then foreal, we will meet again
But I'm back to the future, i laugh at the past
Ask me for cash? Kiss the crack of my ass
BonitoEnRosado14, He so foolish, god he OD'd
My Ego been retarded since kindergarten
Even then, i scarred the whole scene
Bad dogs bouta get they ass tossed
I raw, they bow wow like Shad Moss
Blast off, act hard but you mad soft
I don't fight, i scrap and i come off
Turn into GodZillonic The Hellhog
It's just a metaphor, you got it? Now get lost
Translation i'll eat you dudes
So keep your jewels
This is beat abuse

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