Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Battle of SonSon

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(CH Talking/Intro)
This for Dino! Song-ha!
Ha, Chris!
SonSon said get 'em!

(Ch verse)
I hear the beat from the outside speakers
I'm the nigga online, I'm the leaker
Not from LA niggas thinkin' it's a feature
Nigga I'm so nice I could feature myself on a record
Body myself and then beat ya
For even thinkin' you could beat me, sheesh bruh.
'Cause each one of my bars gotta come from somewhere near the stars
Niggas sayin' I'm atmosphere these niggas get blasted off the atlas dear
I would say like the beginning of a letter but I said it on another so I'm better
So how 'bout deer like head lice how 'bout deer like head lights
Like.. Scratchin' ya head with with head lice like "dear, I wonder how I can get my head right"
I be comin' off the top of the head, right
But I'm nice with the lead, right?
So I go some LED sound system get around these niggas and diss 'em
Dead in they face you be callin' 'em celebrities, wait
I call them celebrity waste
Dj shadow the celebrity on the bass
But me I'm the asshole with the kick and the snare
You bitches wanna share my dick everywhere
I'm like cool.. It's up for a torrent
Because I don't even go tourin'
Y'all could download the music you can even say it's borin'
But when you wake up 5 in the morning singing one of my joints i'll see ya family mournin'
'Cause I kill all haters and since parents are the largest haters
I guess I'm the one man Menendez
I'm the reason why every chick goes Les
Because they can't even get a bigger self to get in their pie
Like square roots, do the math and you'll see I'm near you
You're far away, this is StarCHaser Radio
Far away, this is StarCHaser Radio
Far away..
And by the way, SonSon said get 'em!
H2 Said get 'em!
Niggas said get 'em!
Starchaser Radio!

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