Monday, August 1, 2011


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(Verse 1)
Dear cupid, this year's stupid
people hear my music.. i need a cheerleader to feature me
i'm a creature to she, she's the meaning of sweet
so mean and petite, but, never mean to me
i asked you to shoot a bitch before 'cause she was out of line
now she's the future misses
i look back at my ex's, wishing cupid missed 'em
I'm told to get a clue as if my view wasn't kisses
so here's a clue to a few bitches, misses..
when I'm talking to cupid there's no difference
I'm in the hood, quarter waters, body smelling axey
Wanna kiss a chick ignoring all the feelings at me
If you my soul mate, then you better catch me
I'm runnin off at the heart, starting from the heart
endin' where my hearts tickin' is interupted by sudden movements
my love for music intruded by love so i'm showing love to cupid through a song

My only friend is the mic, my only home is the booth
Alone I get into fights with the mic and give such a view to you
I'm sick of asking for love, I'm sick of passionate thugs
acting up and abruptly passing up
opportunities to rock with gotham cities music priest
the beauty of me is a duty to read
I'm ugly inside like a rotten pig
copy cats watch me spit, stop them at they eye lids
block 'em from inside the pig like rib tits
like my cock inside a slim chick or a taco inside a thick chick
you need something fulfilling? i have all of me
I gave my latest love that plus an artery
so as my heart bleeds, the earth and all art screams, here's the L Word Part 3
Michael Jackson and me.. Happy Halloween

(CH Talking)
I just wanna be direct right now, yo.
To the last L Word.. Niggas ain't really fuck with it.
Niggas said I took a lil L with it, word. Deadass.
A lotta people said I sounded unfocused.. I was.
I was in love, I felt incomplete.
Appearantly I'm no longer going to be able to get back with the girl I've always wanted to be with.
Appearantly I did enough females dirty to get shitted on repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly, and it's like.. Awesome. Trust me.
Ayo, hold up, hold up.
Yo Mike, man!
What I gotta do to be right with these women out here, man!
I heard, I heard, I know, I know, I know, the whole "Charles is a chick" thing
I heard about it, I know about it.. I mean, damn! My fault my fault my fault.
But.. Only one that seems to get it is (Michael)..
It's between me and Mike this time around!
I say ya name, but as it stands right now I'm in a devoted relationship with the mic.
So on this tracklisting.. You find your name on this tracklisting I'ma tell you everything I wanted to say..
'Cause I deadass mean it..
Take us out, Mike! Haha, yeah!

Lyrics Contributed By - Graphik
He raps, you should def check him out.

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