Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Till Last Summer

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See summer's the season of change
It's the shortest season
But lives can alter, DRASTICALLY
Hehehe, don't i know it
So ima tell you my summer story
Follow me...

[Verse 1]
I used to be the dude you'd see usually actin stupidly
Cause happiness was new to me, that was true indeed
So used to being alone that when i got my cell phone
The only numbers was mom, grandma, and uncle
But, socially, so many, people got to knowin me
So funny, no more cold shoulders, i was overheated
Considered handsome, then i got so conceited
I holla'd at chicks, talking like i was supposed to beat it
It wasn't lust it was love, but fuck, it wasn't enough
Cause i still felt hollow inside
All the loneliness was bottled inside
But i had to swallow my pride, and try not to cry
See, the winter days made tear streaks a dead give away
In my face, its a waste of time
The popular outkast, the strangest guy
And nothin could of changed my mind
Till Last Summer...

[Verse 2]
You see, musically, dude's would be hatin on the fact
That i could make another track and it would basically be crack
They would say that it was crap; a mistake and use some wax
"Yeah you can play the piano, but basically you're whack
You can't write for shit, who would spend cake to get this trash"
So, New Years Eve 2005, i decided that i would write
The illest shit i've ever written in my life
It would be an open letter to these hoes and fellas
Overzealous at times but overall my own vendetta was set
See my problem is, i hardly keep it guarded
Cause Charles is open hearted
Smart with most, but emotionally lethargic, and retarded
The more i got in the booth, and sat down
And jot down the truth, i never felt shot down, or stupid
Some hated but the others spread love
When i put out "From The Desk Of..."
Last Summer

[Verse 3]
You see, ladies is pimps too
So they brush their shoulders off
Blow you off, unless you got dough
Then they blow you off
I was gettin vexed cause, i ain't get respect
And i don't roll dolo, no riding in a set
And mind you this was September, school had just started
Even in uniforms, everybody's lookin fresh
I had, regular slacks, a tie dye shirt and vest
No diamonds on my neck, di-diamonds on my neck
Smokin pounds of green, don't amount to dreams
I'm goin out my mind, tryna find some peace
Then i found the team, niggas down with me
Got back with my girl, she can finally breathe
I went from a pass runner after school
To an attraction, a black hummer, traffic moves
And if i crash, bum, well that's bad for you
All i know is last summer i made drastic moves
Who knew?

Lyrics By Josh Stokes, Editing by Michael Bibbins, like a boss.

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