Saturday, July 9, 2011

Karen's Song 3.1

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[Verse 1]
This song is dedicated to Karen Ramona Williams
Yeah its another one
This time, this rhyme's a little more troublesome
Left in the dark for so long, i felt f-ckin dumb
Cause i been chewed up and spit out, like bubble gum
I think because i couldnt call you, or stalk you
The only way to get over you
Would be if i saw you
And i got that all too familiar feeling
When i rode out to Brooklyn, and i entered your buildin
When i come with somebody, you know, to buzz me in
Nothin could of prepared me for when the stuff would begin
I ain't gon front, i was shook and scared
Too nervous to stand still, so i took the stairs
Walked Six flights up, runnin outta breath
Thinking this type sucks, but it's my luck
That when i man'd up and was standin secure
When I knocked
You and your new man had answered the door

[Verse 2]
You blacked out like you just looked at your worst enemy
Screamin "Nigga you did not take my virginity!
I thought it was love, it wasn't! We were young..."
Damn, the sound of those few words ended me
Apparenlty you didn't seem to like the other Karen song
But that song was for me, so honestly i don't care at all
Anyway, you made me apologize to daniel, your new boo
Who looked at me like "Why can i not stand you?"
I just came by to say hi, and give you a Christmas card
So when i busted into tears, damn the shit was hard
And it's bizzare cause you just played your song
But i compromised and smiled, like "okay I'm wrong...
I shouldn't of said that I was your first"
But it's not like I'm lying about how much i hurt!
But you left for no reason, i mean why did you leave?
And if you never loved me, atleast lie to me
And say you...

[Verse 3]
On the train ride home, i was fuckin sick
Fighting tears, thinkin to myself "FUCK THIS BITCH!"
3 years ago I'm thinkin that she loves the shit outta me
God I'm Eesh, i ain't ever had a heart, not a piece
Thinkin that she'd die for me, probably...not
She was still stuck in my brain i should of got a Lobotomy
If i aint beat first, i got head first, like a soccer team
Didn't nut, but I'm certain that you would of swallowed me
This isnt just a song Karen, this is bigger
What goes through your mind when you kiss this nigga?
Bitch I'm bitter, left for no reason at all
So all the, tears fall faster than leaves in the fall
But, when i think about it, it was Peterson's fault
You know, the first guy you started off leavin me for
Now i don't give a fuck, I'm relieved that your gone
Why would i be with someone that would string me along
But i believe in the lord, cause he lives in me too
Cause i left your house, and went to Tiffany's school
And i kissed her, hugged her, Said i missed her, i love her
And if i could ever love someone, it would be you
Went to her house, the sex was major pleasure
And once it was over, we just laid together
See it's 1 year down and forever to go
And what she feels for me will never get old
Cause i know she really...

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