Friday, July 8, 2011


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I'm such a hoe,
so confused, don't now where the fuck to go
look for any girl willing to see how love could grow
or bend over tho the front, touch her toes
Either lust or love cant decide,
but one girl can provide demands of mine
and the one that did is long gone, moved on without me
thus leaving my days Luke-warm and lousy
Stormy cloudy, so to end this shit
I commence to get promiscuous
And its not so much game, as It is just the shame
I fought for girls quickly, Its sickening get me
my heart is on my sleeve but I'm wearing a Wifebeater
get a girl might treat her like a queen might leave her
and that ain't right neither,
so I dare my self to share myself with you and prepare myself to facing my:

I'm such a hoe,
point blank, Its really not much to know
but It hurts nightly, my first Wifey don't like me
so I'm grinding the pavement,
trying to find a replacement
meaning, finding a chick that's a dime in the face
and see how she responds to the grimiest statements
and some reason a girl gets drawn In calling(???)
but I crawl in love, all because I see the soul of my Ex
everything that I'm supposed to expect, Whoa
show her respect then Its over the next week
but a choke hold to my neck once holding an old soul
but I don't know what makes me hold up
progress, why am I still on this hoe stuff
considered a hoe and feeling so bad, a female nomad
and I hope you don't laugh at my

I'm such a hoe
and I hate every minute of this fucking show
so many places I would rush to go
like paradise, with the girl that loves me so much
she goes nuts and blows up my phone
just to show how much she cares
cause I'll be doing the same
a feeling of warm cotton in your stomach
after hearing the L-Word, Is not worth stopping
I really just want love, at least with one person
wanna be done flirtin but in that sentence, uncertain
settle down and be thankful, bound to be stable
but so many girls make me feel the same
Its real deranged, Am I still the same
just because love made me feel Its pain
I really think I need to find the one
I just set myself up and now the time has come, For me to Stop...

(Truly yours Charles Hamilton)

Lyrics By, Chris Morris!! Thank that nigga e_e!

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