Monday, June 6, 2011

I Dont Understand The Value Of Money (Tips)

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(Verse I)
Ka-Ching Ka-Ching
Allergic to Mula
Bird filliping to the bird flipping
Money I know
Before I knew not
Now a cut a fucking check and lets do pot
Pretty soon I might move into a new spot
I murder ink every time you see a dude jot
I kill the mic when I lyrically moonwalk (Hehe!)
The real Rebel with enough dough to sew Pac
I walk in and get women call me shoebox
You boys are bitch made, Boondocks
And hear I am in slippers telling how shoes stop
Get nipped in the butt like wound cops
With a plunger
I am to hot
But I get off
Slipping to judge a cool knot
Keep my lawyer paid
Keep the boys away
And make sure I got enough food stocked

And thats me
But I really want to watch my attitude
Yes I know what you have to do
It seems
I know It's a long time fling
Pink nd'(Green)
Pink nd'(Green)
Pink nd'
And I get

(Verse II)
I get green the rough
But fairway in a bunker
Don't criticize my jumper
My iron is the 9th don't wonder
Not a cowboy with rhinestone hunger
I know
You at the bottom of the ninth
Im apologizing cus I slided in nice
That's golf, basketball, football, baseball
Get at me
im the face of Walt Disney
I own ESPN
Holy Mexicans
Homies next to win
Loathe me
It's clear that you can
Fuckin' queers
They want my careers in their hands
But my rear is in C-A-L-I often
While you just L-I-E
Oh shit, I just got at Rhi
Ella Ella Ella E


(Verse III)
My Peter left balls on your chin (Lois!)
Im a Griffin mixed with a Simpson
End of the the verse I ripped it
Cus' they both on fox
Come get it
My favorite rapper is younger, but yO my flow's sicker
And we still get iller than all of you old niggas
And we still gon' be the illest when we some old niggas
Im a dough flipper
And he a go-getta
When you bank says 'No'
Charles Hamilton says 'Fuck Outta' here, hell no nigga''
I spend enough money on this hoe niggas
Hoes act like niggas, so vicious
(Some weird ass noise I can't spell out)


- Lyrics By, Mario Rivera!

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