Thursday, June 30, 2011


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Early morning Bong hits......
I'm bout' to black

Good morning Elisa
and I'm fucking Blunted
(Cause I'm on fire)
You can get me Higher
but I knew you once so...
Sit In the front row

You'll Give In to me, Listen to me

Hispanic Brunette with ass, her whole family set with cash
I would stand and Respect when reflecting as a man
Translation, I didn’t understand Erections when we met
but damn she gave me my first one, which could have been the Worst one
We had fun, me her and her sisters going sledding in the winter
I don’t remember being with her in the summer, Memorized her number
Placed calls, but as much as I was family to them, I wanted to be lover to her
I see her grin, I sometimes ask if we would meet again, she went to Spain to enjoy Homeless pains
She’s an Ivy League grad, and can see why she believes her level is near Brad
Last time I seen her she was bad, still making silly faces, now she has braces
Fantasies of making love in open spaces, clinging on The Physical affection like a broken bracelet
If I could hold her naked in a cold location she'd understand why my soul is frozen in hatred
Hope fading, my oldest friend Is poking me on Facebook,
As a metaphor she’s constantly on my mind, watching me while I’m on my grind

She always knew a way to make my cry,
I know the streets and she was so bookwise
She explained Love affairs great to me
I followed you as you???
Just crawl inside you like the critter inside
Don’t try to fight it???
You know the passion can not? To me
Because the passion will still be in me

We argue like we were married in front of Michaela
As she was a toddler, I’m sure she will resent it later
No pen and paper, Freetyping like I did then
Jane and the jungle on computers as children
You knew more about me than most Critics
and most bitches but I’m still on the ropes with stitches
my throat itches, screaming your name, dreaming of pain
Damage awaits, Steam on the streets from haze
Naked I sleep, My last bitch peeing in my face
being a bitch means she was being a waste
but you were a bitch to me so listen to me, so listen to me
When we make love, give it to me
Memories In the molecules, you swallow me I swallow you
No Tracy around to tell us what not to do
Like gravity, I'm on top of you
From 13 hours away I’m still watching you
Let’s be a breath away taking if possible
This Is For Elise like Beethoven
Stay awake and loathe Daybreak for throwing the moment

Good morning Elisa
and I'm fucking Blunted
(Cause I'm on fire)
You can get me Higher
but I knew you once so... (Mic Check)
Sit In the front row (Mic Check)

Eventually, Eventually,
You'll Give In to me, Listen to me (Mic Check 1, 2, L word 3 )

Stupid 3!

That’s What They Say to me!

You Stupid 3!

You Future Me!

You Should Be Used To Me!!!!
(All I hear)

Special Thanks To - Chris Morris

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