Friday, April 1, 2011

(Any) November 10th 2009

Charles Hamilton

[Verse 1]:
Baby got her haircut fresh little line up
Dress is behind the headboard rewind the
Rhythm and live in it for the sake of the instant
Birthday cake & incense I'm in this
Video cameras can I get a witness
Standing when we begin & landing when we ended
Got her speaking spanish to handle it when it enters
My footsie rolled deep in the center
I push & go deep but remember
It's birthday gotta be gentle
She's my company in the lex gotta be simple
'She makes possibly and oddesies tender
Soft for hours but got a sweet temper
Hustlers wanna follow me in her
But the tape is for my lion eyes
Make the kitty purr, make the city roar
Make birds not wanna soar anymore
Tonight I wanna get immature
No plastic lemme fit in it raw
What you wanna benefit for ?
It fits when it bends, for that act sure
Mad hard, dougin like hacksaw
She was mad when she had to walk
Now she mad I had to talk about it... but I'm

Happy to see another ( birth day )
Yep it's another ( birth day )
Birth day x4
Live every day like it's ya ( birth day ) x3
It's ya ( birthday ) x2

[Verse 2]:
In the end the pendancy
The pend defends the defence of me
The indian of Cleveland has sent the beat
10 feet beneath the seagrim's gin
I injure L's and tend to leave hint
At being the being you did see
Didn't he diss he when she hit me
Whisper to me or listen to the free
Get over the footage and go over the
Goodness gracious what space ship was
He on when he wrote this ( TURN IT UP! ) music
Dope listens for a dope fix
Hope listens for the hopeless
I even made Ford listen for a Focus
Models and cars I model for the stars
Mobeas, constant movement
Only dancers want to stop to prove it


Lyrics Contributed By, "Mr. ramsay Lol"

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