Thursday, March 31, 2011

Never Ever

Sample: Stevie Wonder - As

[Verse 1]:
I'm blinded by the light, guided by the light
My mind is taking flight
She's such a goddess and I might be
Honored with the knight to shine within her light
She's just so honest and I like it
Promises of lightning
Ma this is a bright pink sun ray
Some day we'll fly but for now..
Can you please stay here tonight?
I been runnin in & outta the zone
Looking for a queen running in and outta the throne
Even leaving the kingdom in search of you
From my UFO you're the perfect view
The UV Rays that reflect off your smile
Illuminates the path I won't get lost for a while
The sky's waiting the milky way is all libatious
So let's move with our souls a vibration

I don't really wanna ask you out
I don't really wanna let you down
It's important that I let you know
You're the brightest star light around
So let your lights go shine girl
Let the whole world know your mine girl
I'll be loving you always... always.. always

[Verse 2]:
I shoot for the moon try not to miss
If I do I'm with you so we got to kiss
Me and you we can take lots of trips..
Within ourselves, your mind is a metropolis
Don't worry about consequence
Imagination isn't made for your common sense
You understand my language, watch my lips
Enunciate the kisses, lots of French
You have a certain je ne sais quoi
Priceless, life is our getaway spot
We can give away rocks from the milky way
Until the end of time while on Timberlake's watch
We can make rivers run backwards
Freeze volcanoes, live amongst raptors
You always wanted to fly now you got a chance
So just drown in the lava of the lavalamp


If anyone cares to know what je ne sais quoi means, it's french for, literally, 'I don't know what'.

Lyrics Contributed By, "Mr. ramsay Lol"

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