Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back In The Haze

[One Verse]
Niggas want growth? I tell'em about my cancer
Diagnosed Young, dying so slow my whole tongue is going gold
To let me know i am the answer, eating pussy
Turning groupies into dancers, don't let me die in your heart
Lemme die on my own, so i don't ride with the chrome
Platinum Rolex, black bold to text
Headphones a tech, and an x.o from an ex
Let go of the past she says as i let go of respect
I hear an echo in my pocket, so cut the check
Smoking all forms of earth to be youthful
I'm dead ass fading, tomorrows looking less fruitful
My bars getting more brutal
Making it to 23 would be beautiful
24; I'm never sleeping, coke n coke
Alive till 25, when i overdose
Used to never go outside, no sprinklers
Reading Edgar Allan Poe with deep thinkers
Cut my skin, let the pink stir
If i could never die, hold on, lemme blink first...

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