Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Speak No Louder

Everytime i get the feelin in me, i'm a monster, niggas think i got the thriller in me. i'm a monster, niggas think i got Dilla in me...PAUSE. I hear the hate, see the anger, feel the envy. don't make me no 'nevermind', cause i'm feelin spiffy. you don't like me? then why the fu3k you dealin wit me? i got poets, gangstas, and dealers wit me. i got a chip on my shoulder, but yet i'm feelin friendly. I am who I am, yall niggas still pretendin, so everything you've come to know to be real has ended. you're hardheaded. this beat is hard as your head, which is funny, cause you're softer than dharma & greg. you're the type to act hard, then go talk to the feds. well if karma does exist, based on karma, you're dead. Uh, charles hamilton: of course i'm the bomb. you think i'm invading your space, then report it to Tom. what's wrong?

(chorus) people always wanna be all the place that i be. can't bring em, so i put it in a song. people got they own opinion about the things i mention everytime i put it in a song. haters wonder why we couldn't get along, and then they get an answer when i put it in a song. So speak no louder, than a song & they'll be talkin all day, talkin all day long, c'mon.

They say I got a big mouth, nah I got a big soul, big heart, do it for the love not to get dough. So when you see me going hard in a cypher, I make it so that it aint never hard to decipher. My heart is my rifle, Im firing from it. So when you see the smoke that means that the fire is coming. Rub, together two sticks, still aint gonna do shit the kid from Apollo leave you Rocky like a cruise ship, whos this, new prick, being such a nuisance, fluent, loose lips, genius with the music, too sick, flu sick needle in the roof shit, you sick prove it, beat him with a broom stick to prove which one is the future of the shit. And I dont pop a hammer so Im too legit to quit.

So speak no louder, than a song & they'll be talkin all day, talkin all day long, c'mon.


This aint nothing but a pink thing baaaby. Uptown is the burough that raaaised me. I been hanging with my homie Kim laaatley Im in whatever car that she in like Raay J. She got a full tank of gas and its paaayday, and the music is the boss that paaays me. I be all up on your windows like gaaateway. Thats the reason that these macks wanna haaate me. OHHH!


-Starchasers Central Members

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