Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Im not mad, i got glad and had a flashback,
mad gave top to sad and popped the ? in the glass,
tried to bag glad, and my past rocks to mosh back,
like any crack in the glass of what shatter will stop your life,
creatively a major league player on a beat,
repeated slayer of haters when laying disease on the base,
Heated when paying homage to ignorant asses,
but you see that im playing honest, grant and quit getting mad,
your bitch is asking for me to visit her in a hour,
she sleeps with you, but gets in the bath with me for a meteor shower,
leave her to flower,
see with you, she grew her hymen back,
while i get her hotter than a plot on the grass,
where you can find the diamond backs at,
thats arizona,
smashed so bad, she woke up in half of a coma,
had a mona moment when she grabbed my diploma,
actually its was my nads, so im glad it wasnt over,
she graduated to bat when i gave her a good review,
looking at the dude like ooh, woopty doo,
so, im the shit like a whoopie cushion liquidized,
picture the thighs of a diabetic getting criticized ,
If you didnt try to vision it, then forget it,
like fixaden, im feeling better by the second,
shit doesnt affect me, well, not directly,
unless a becky or a lesley says im sexy.

take a look at the camera and say cheese (x4)
Only thing that hold me down is my leather (x2)
Im the nerd thats cooler than fonzy (x2)

Look, now i got a call log of who are yall?
may god applaud yall, but all yall that call charles,
with your off the wall thoughts, and repeated wishes for someones demise,
is only heating me getting pissed at the sunrise,
thunder times, and pummels the mind of the umbrella list,
hung fellas get unroped when i come celibate,
meaning niggas cpuldnt fuck with me if i let them hit,
i mean the niggas im stuck with being a pleasant trip to stumble upon,
i dress like a bum, cause on songs i talk with a hundred bunnies and thongs, longing for money,
i keep strong, cause im hungry, and i only eat real bitches,
the dormer evolver, the dream of a clitoris,
Obscene, but who gives a shit? were all a-dults,
even thirteen year old freaks talking all retarded on maury,
they wana get pregnant? die from a bar of mine,
find your daughter crawling on the borderline,
the line before i slaughtered your poor mind,
for crossing the line between being fine, and eeesh!
now i can finally speak,
the lie detector test shows, that hoes get pet when i let go,
of respect and direct to x n o my testicles,
so i never let them go, down, so loud there mouths go up so proud with them flow,
profound, so now with all morals a side, time to get oral,
recite the line that brought you to the morgue.

take a look at the camera and say cheese (x4)
Only thing that hold me down is my leather (x2)
Im the nerd thats cooler than fonzy (x2)

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