Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Or Hope Witsell

An actress with posazz and a fat lip,
from getting mad at the status of a bad chick,
who got casted, in a flick shes been asking to get,
since the passing of the script as she imagined,
unhappy she fastened her arm with the jumper cord,
and plunges forth, OD on life she dont want no more,
But not pumping raw up in her pores,
She wants to pour sweat, run to the set, fuck the corvet,
Of course the press n paparazzi was watching,
but she got stiff, now its time to get it popping,
Started taking box in to prepare for her last film,
But the crictics spazzed, said it was a bad film,
Her dad is filth rich, her mom dont feel shit,
so she sits still, the past tent of Jada pickets man,
Cash n depression is ever lasting in this section of america,
Lights, camera, action, Hysteria.

You are a movie star,
And the walk of fame is your every foot step,(x3)
Be my Marilyn Monroe (x8)

I knew this was going on cause she had me on speaker,
Nothing like an unhappy strong diva,
who is about to be madder when shes on the set,
hope she dont find out that its the blonde i sexed,
wrong guess is the premeditated reply,
we was separated baby, see, you ca- uh, i kept making you cry,
Now look, wait, we aint even there yet,
She wouldnt care either, shes a fair diva,
but shes madder than i ever took a gander at,
had to bottle up too, so i know she planning to black,
she said its not the role, its the principal,
i shit i know, but yo, you not invincible,
she said can it baby! this is revenge,
let me see this fucking director, this is the end!
and that bitch is gonna have a shit eating grin,
i know she be giving it to him, but damn im a ten.

You are a movie star,
And the walk of fame is your every foot step,(x3)
Be my Marilyn Monroe (x8)

I rode my bike to rodayo drive, tryna stay alive,
85 degrees in the shade, its major hot,
waving high to the fans to keep cool,
i been a people person since before pre school,
my girl text me..
said shes cool, but she was too smooth with it,
i gave her like two minutes, no reply,
then i got google notified, oh my.

lyrics provided by Jason Blunden

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