Monday, October 25, 2010

Music 2

You see music i only love you... and its real difficult to explain to anybody how much I love you. I don't like what they're doing to you I don't like what they're making people who love you do... and I
apologize, for the first time around...

[Verse 1]
Using no names all you broke lames eat foreskin
You keep forcing me to be a deep beast
Hitting keys on a organ names are a song away
Trying to decide between the pope and Anton Lavey
And choosing the ladder is abusing the matter
choosing the first brings music at church
I address haters in too many verses
worse than a hooligan I'm intelligent reverend
So I try to save the world: succeeded
the world fucked itself up and its begging me to repeat it
salvation is free, but niggas owe me no difficulty
punchline about Nick Nolte
each time I spit: OD
flip dope keys like a misguided kid with no fiends
Ivory loves me, I bathe in it and cover the ebony I stay in it
drag out the same run for eight minutes
niggas hit fits in sevens I do thirteens
I play with precision, did I hit it wrong?
No. Make a decision
music is blatantly pissed. You can't sing
don't let a program gas you into thinking you can
cause you're not the pink man.

As much as you love me you don't love me
(and I know why)
I set the standard to a level which is
(so high)
as high as she, as high as she.

[Verse 2]
I am music, debates are for politicians
every four years one of these fake scholars listens
start and stop petitions
tell you all the things you got are mentioned
then promises are given
well, the prime minister nice with the lyrics is here
reveal my indecision and call me gifted for years
hear my intuitions and argue within your ears
clearly I ain't tripping I'm guarded by engineers
and now people who are taught without teaching
studio time of which I've bought without sleeping
with a cash having homo stacks get past the cats for promo
another stack and I'm back in a photo
fucking wack I have to be the logo of a rebel
when honestly Solo I'm a rebel
we don't know the devil
I do, I came in her palm
walked away and it was gone
now the game has been spawned
Todd McFarlane on the mic, so vivid
been to hell and back newcomers won't get it
frozen and unloaded on you bitches
know when its committed to me
like no one listens to me
I am music, it requires a restate
fire from the weak state of mind eating cheesecake
funny, I don't eat cheesecake a cheese steak would be great
but truthfully the beat, base, keys, great sample
and a clean way to relay my thoughts is all I need these days
took a metal stool to the face for Pro-Tools
let the fool get away because I'm so cool
now I'm snitching because I refuse to lie
I sue suicide because I refuse to die
I egged the mornin' hit me, who am I?
The undead martyr doing music to survive.

As much as you love me you don't love me
(and I know why)
I set the standard to a level which is
(so high)
as high as she, as high as she.

Lyrics contributed by, ZeNiTH

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